Supertripper gains 90 extra sales calls per month with Novocall

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Paris, France

Meet Supertripper

Supertripper is a Corporate Travel Management Software providing solutions to book, manage and optimize all your business trips. They serve corporate clients globally and help companies manage their business travels easily through a single platform.

Supertripper offers policy management, travel planning, travel booking, and much more. 



calls per month


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The Challenge:

Supertripper used to provide a free demo of their software, requiring visitors to fill in a form. However, getting engagement through forms or email was too time-consuming. 

The Solution:

Hugo and his team uses Novocall’s click-to-call software to respond to leads quickly.

Responding to leads quickly

The need to respond to leads quickly urged Hugo to try out Novocall’s click-to-call solution. Relying on web visitors to fill in their contact details through a contact form and contacting them via email was a long and slow process. 

Novocall’s event triggers analyze potentially interested visitors and offers them a free callback within 30 seconds. 

This resulted in Hugo’s sales team instantly getting leads to have a conversation with them on the phone. They can then ask qualifying questions, provide a demo or even close the lead on the spot. 

"Novocall is now our alternative to the classic Demo application as it allows our sales team to have hot leads on the phone."

Installation was also a breeze, taking Hugo only about 2 minutes to install Novocall’s widget onto his website. 

Consistent results month on month

Before using Novocall, Supertripper only saw about 20 leads come in through their email contact form every month. 

Now that he’s using the widget to schedule demos, he sees about 90 calls per month. 

"Novocall allows you to transform a simple visitor into a lead with a simple call. It’s an extremely cost effective solution."

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