Tag Team Inc. reduces their loss of leads and saw 30+ sales calls every month

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Meet Tag Team Inc.

Tag Team Inc. is a mixed reality technologies company in the space of IoT, gaming software and hardware. They organize and facilitate mobile laser tag events before having a dedicated outlet at Singapore’s East Coast Park.

They launched Reza Sword, the world’s first sword gaming gadget, followed by Laser Glove, Laser Bow and mixed reality gameplay at their two laser tag centres. 


calls per month

The Challenge:

The chat function on their website—which required at least 1 staff member to manage at all times—caused customers to lose interest in 2 minutes or less. Because of the more impersonal medium in live chat, customers were not fully engaged, and this resulted in the majority of them not leaving their contact information. 

The Solution:

Carl and his team uses Novocall’s click-to-call solution to engage with inbound leads, as well TimeSync to schedule calls customers.

No more missed connections

After using Novocall’s click-to-call widget, Carl and his team were able to easily capture all leads quickly. They made use of the round robin algorithm to assign calls to reps who were available to answer. This greatly reduced the number of missed calls and significantly reduced a customer’s wait time on the phone. 

Tag Team also used TimeSync to schedule calls with customers at mutual availability. Because reps could set their working hours and integrate their calendars to the software, they were no longer getting after-work or missed calls! 

Even if there were still missed calls, the system allows Carl and his team to call them back as soon as possible with the data captured in the call log. Tag Team has since been able to maintain the same number of inbound leads even with a growing number of its competitors.

"How Novocall helps us is that these missed calls are now trackable even if we miss them. I have all the records of incoming phone calls and I can set preferred timings for those calls."

Wrapping up

Carl appreciates Novocall for being an amazing fit for Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) like Tag Team where company sizes are smaller and automated systems eases manpower crunches.

He mentions that Novocall not only allows for more personal interactions between the company and potential and current customers, but it also comes at an affordable price for all the value it brings to Tag Team.

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