We launched a new product! Introducing NovoChat

Introducing NovoChat, an omnichannel chat solution for business communication. Check out what some of our awesome features are!
Nigel Seah
Nigel Seah

Digital Marketing Executive

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Messaging apps have been revolutionary. They have fundamentally changed the way we communicate with not just one another, but organizations as well.

With the number of messaging app users globally being projected to grow to 3 billion by 2022, businesses have been quick to adopt these apps as a channel of communication with their customers.

That said, different people prefer different apps. This makes managing communication with customers a tricky task.

Because of the sheer volume of messages coming in from different apps, it is very difficult to organize and manage all these conversations.

That’s why we built NovoChat! It’s an omnichannel messaging software that allows you to manage your conversations with your customers through the various apps on a single platform. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer. 😉😉😉

Awesome core features!

Integration with multiple messaging apps

NovoChat is integrated with FB Messenger, Telegram, Whatsapp Business, and LINE Business. This allows businesses to organize communication with all their customers and leads via different platforms.

Ever feel frustrated because your customers are messaging you from different types of apps?

This makes it very difficult to manage your communication with your customers via text messages as your communication channels very disorganized.

But fret not! 💪💪💪

NovoChat is integrated with Whatsapp BusinessLINE BusinessFacebook Messenger, and Telegram!

Users can use the software to create a workspace and select which instant messaging app they want to use in each workspace to chat with their customers.

With NovoChat, businesses will no longer be confused and overwhelmed by the large number of messages coming in from different apps. Conversations will no longer be lost due to a disorganized channel of communication.

This way, not only will businesses be able to keep track of their conversations, but they will minimize the number of leads lost due to lost chats.

Instagram DM is another popular channel that we will build as well!

Create multiple workspaces for different purposes

NovoChat allows users to create multiple workspaces, each for a specific purpose.


NovoChat users can create multiple workspaces in the software itself and dedicate each for a specific purpose. Create one for converting sales leads. Create one to provide customer support and answer their queries.

Users are also free to add their preferred number of instant messaging apps into each workspace. If your customer support queries are only coming in via Whatsapp Business and Facebook Messenger, then you can just integrate these into your customer support workspace.

This feature further helps businesses to manage and organize their communication with their customers. Not only can they manage chats from all 4 apps on a single platform, but they can also create specific workspaces for specific conversations.

Centralized inbox

NovoChat has a centralized inbox where users can chat with their leads and customers through different messaging apps.

NovoChat has a centralized inbox where users can chat with their leads and customers through different messaging apps.

You can also assign specific agents to specific chats. Your agents will no longer need to constantly switch between apps to chat with different people. This way, your agents will not be confused by the sheer number of conversations going on at the same time.

Broadcast: Send text messages to the masses

Our Broadcast feature allows you to schedule text messages which allows you to send out a text to large masses.


With this feature, you can schedule and send mass text messages to make announcements to all your contacts in your database.

These include sales promotions, discount codes, and even the reveal of the beta version of your new product! This provides an additional channel for businesses to provide updates via their customers’ preferred channels.

Who is NovoChat for?

Customer support teams

NovoChat allows users to provide customer support to their leads and customers via a variety of apps.


Your customer support teams can use NovoChat to converse with customers and help address their queries through various messaging channels.

Being an omnichannel messaging platform with a centralized inbox, NovoChat allows your customer support team to answer queries from the various messaging channels without being confused by the sheer number of messages coming from different apps.

Sales teams


Sales reps can respond to an interested lead in real-time to answer some queries, and close the deal on spot.


Sales teams can use NovoChat to conduct sales too!

NovoChat is a great way for businesses to conduct sales as they are able to do so in real-time. A sales rep can respond immediately to an interested lead, answer some queries, and close the deal on spot.

Marketing teams

Conversations are a valuable resource for marketers. They reveal the type of concerns, needs, and wants that your customers have.

Using these qualitative insights, marketers can craft pieces of content unique to their customers.

Omnichannel messaging platforms are also a great channel to directly reach out to customers to conduct surveys. This can be done to find out what type of content appeals to them or to understand their customer satisfaction levels so that businesses can understand how they can improve their product or service.


NovoChat is a great tool to communicate with your leads and customers via instant messaging channels!

Organize your conversations and avoid confusion by having various messaging apps integrated into a single platform. With a centralized inbox and the ability to assign specific reps to each conversation, your business will no longer be confused by the sheer number of messages coming in every day!

To learn more about how NovoChat can help improve your communication with your customers, sign up today!

Nigel Seah
Nigel Seah

Nigel is a Digital Marketing Executive at Novocall where he specializes in SEO. Prior to this, he had written for several SaaS companies including Workstream and the now defunct Hatchme. In his free time, he engages in strength training and is a lover of languages.

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