12 real estate cold call scripts that agents need

Cold calling is a hard part of real estate agents' jobs. Here are 12 real estate cold call scripts to help agents achieve better results!
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While cold calling isn’t the easiest way to generate outbound leads, it remains an effective method for real estate agents.

82% of buyers would accept a meeting with a rep after speaking with them through a cold call.

82% of buyers accept meeting requests from sales representatives who proactively reach out.

The good news? You don’t need special powers to make cold calls that convert. The success lies in your preparation and delivery.

Much of the success behind a cold call comes from an agent’s pitch and targeting. A stash of killer real estate cold calling scripts can help you secure more customers.

Here are some of the best 12 cold calling scripts made for different purposes to help you close more deals!


1. Making introductions

The key objectives of reaching out to prospects are to:

  1. Assess their interest in what you have to offer
  2. Identify your prospects’ pain points

But you should never start real estate cold call scripts with these points. Instead, start with a brief introduction and navigate the conversation accordingly.


Use this script when you are making an introduction.


Use this script when you are making an introduction.


As you can see, the person you are calling may not be available to talk now and you need to be ok with that. You must show a prospect that you are aware that people are busy and have no obligation to talk to you right now. Show that you respect their time.

Don’t be shocked by the potential rejection that you may face and reveal any form of frustration. Instead, show that you understand and navigate the conversation accordingly.

This helps assess whether prospects have any interest in what you have to offer at all. If they do, they’ll probably schedule another appointment.

2. Assessing your prospects’ interest in selling their homes

You need to conduct a detailed look assessment of your prospects to see where they stand in terms of putting their property out in the market.

Start with a brief introduction (see script 1 above) that asks your prospects about their interest in selling their homes, then you wait and listen.


Use this script when you are assessing a prospect's interest.



The key objective of reaching out is to reinforce the message of selling a property in the mind of the prospect. If you inform the prospect that buyers are interested in their property and it could provide a good value, it would serve the purpose.


Use this script when you are assessing a prospect's interest.

Use this script when you are assessing a prospect's interest.


3. Pitching within a very limited timeframe

The elevator pitch is your best bet if you have a very limited timeframe. To perform it well, your real estate cold call scripts need to make you sound natural and persuasive.

The main objectives are:

  1. To demonstrate why you should be their agent
  2. Assess their expectations for selling the property

You can go about it like this:



Use this script when you're pitching within a limited timeframe.


The ultimate goal of the elevator pitch is simply to schedule an appointment with the prospect.

With the elevator pitch, it’s common to face objections. If the prospect objects, you should show empathy towards their objection and ask for details.


Use this script when you're pitching within a limited timeframe.


Now, you can offer a solution by keeping the conversation around the pain points of the prospect.


Use this script when you're pitching within a limited timeframe.

4. Cutting to the chase

Most of the scripts in this list require you to make some form of small talk with the prospects. But there are situations where you simply cannot afford the time to do so.

For example, perhaps you have way too many prospects to reach out to that day. Or maybe the person you’re talking to just doesn’t have the time and insists that you cut to the chase.

Here’s how you can do it:

Use this script when you're cutting to the chase.

Going straight to the point saves you a lot of time. Your prospects understand clearly why you are calling and it leaves a little room for out-of-context conversations.

If they show some interest, move to your next strategy of pitching yourself as the agent. And, if they are not interested at the moment, add them to your real estate CRM as a cold lead and keep a record to check up with them again in the future.

5. Making yourself the trustworthy go-to agent

Ever scroll through your LinkedIn feed and think to yourself, “how inauthentic can people be?”

Now imagine being a homeowner and a real estate agent speaks to you the same way one of your random LinkedIn connections speaks on LinkedIn. Not a fun experience, is it?

It’s essential to build a sense of rapport between you and your prospects. This helps you position yourself as a trustworthy go-to person when someone thinks of a “real estate agent”. A real real-estate agent if I may add (pun intended).

To do so, you need to build connections with people establishing a sense of community. It will not only humanize you as an agent but also build a sense of trust among people.


Use this script when you're making yourself a trustworthy agent.


Even if the prospect is not interested in having the call or meeting, it’s alright. Use the script to lead into a conversation about the local place. Talk about the mall you used to go to as a child. Talk about the high school where most of the kids go to.

Don’t forget, the ultimate goal here is to establish rapport. Leverage the common denominator you share with the prospect to build that relationship.

6. (Humbly) Flaunting your sales success stories

Just like how many businesses share case studies on their websites to convince prospects that they are great at what they do, you should flaunt your successful deals too! Humbly, of course.

The aim here is to really position yourself as the real estate agent who knows the area and the market well enough to close deals.


Use this script when you're flaunting sales success.



Highlighting the properties you have sold in the area makes prospects more trusting of your abilities.

7. Selling to someone in your social network

A screenshot of a text message showing someone receiving a random text message from a long lost friend or acquaintance asking to catch up. In reality, the old friend is an insurance agent wanting to sell the person some policies.
A meme mocking the authenticity of insurance agents. Source: Mothership.

Have you ever received a random text message from a long lost friend or acquaintance asking to catch up after a really long time? You agree to it. And when the both of you actually meet in person, said old friend starts asking about your insurance policies and goes full salesperson mode.

Not fun. Don’t be that insurance agent.

If you know someone who has put a property up in the market, now is a good time to connect with them again. But do it naturally.

Don’t dive into the conversation by mentioning you are a real estate agent. Nor should you say things like “remember me? We met at the …”. This is a clear indication that you want to leverage your connection with the person for your own goal. Try this template.

Use this script when you're selling within your social network.

As you can see, you should bring up a topic that the two of you spoke about during your prior encounter. This can help make the prospect feel important. Now after they reply, start to lead the conversation into your pitch.

Use this script when you're selling within your social network.

Notice how in the entire conversation, there wasn’t a single time the agent mentioned real estate? The objective of this script is to reconnect with the person you’ve already met. Don’t pull a hard sell on this one.

After you have built a sense of assurance, arrange a meeting with them.

8. Selling your service to those who are already selling

As you can tell by the number of varieties of cold calling scripts, selling property takes finesse. It is not easy. If it is hard for a real estate agent to sell, imagine how difficult it is for non-agents to sell their own homes.

Real estate agents take a cut out of the amount of money a homeowner receives from the buyer. Some homeowners may want to avoid paying this fee to the agents and attempt to sell the homes on their own.

Those who have been experiencing difficulty in selling their homes may be more receptive to your cold calls.

Use this script when you're selling to those who are already selling.

The last statement is just a rhetorical question really. The fact that you found your prospect’s home listed means that the person is experiencing difficulty making the sale. Nonetheless, you should still ask about it to show that you care.

Use this script when you're selling to those who are already selling.

This script emphasizes the importance of asking sufficient questions to really understand what your prospects are currently doing to sell their homes. Asking enough questions allows you to gather useful insights to tailor your sales pitch. Throw in some of your existing knowledge of market trends too!

For example, if your prospect is an older woman and said that she has a three-room house and is selling solely via word-of-mouth (WOM), you can pitch to her this way:

Use this script when you're selling to those who are already selling.

As with all prospects, they will either reject you, show some interest, or express interest. If they show even the slightest interest, make a note of that on your CRM and follow up on them again

9. Stopping the reduction of your slice of the pie

Let’s be real.

The topic of commissions will almost always be talked about in discussions regarding the sale of homes. And many times, your prospects may try to make you agree to a commission rate that is less than desirable.

The trick here is to say something by saying nothing. You need to navigate the conversation in a way that ensures that you neither agree nor disagree with your prospect whilst being cordial.


Use this script when you're stopping the reduction of your slice of pie.


See what I did there? Acknowledgment does not equate to an agreement.

You steered the conversation away from the topic on your commission while acknowledging that you heard (but not agreed to) what your prospect said.

10. Contacting prospects with expired listings

It can be challenging to contact those with expired listings.

The reason is simple. The fact that the listings are expired means that they have been listed for a long time and there was a lack of interest in purchasing the property.

Owners of such homes are probably contacting several real estate agents to get their job done quickly. The key aspect is to stand out from the competition and handle any objections.

Here is a script you can follow:


Use this script when you're contacting prospects with expired listings


Humanize the conversation between you and the prospect. Empathize with your prospects and really understand their pain points. Then slowly lead the seller into accepting an appointment.

11. Leveraging the FOMO phenomenon

The fear of missing out (FOMO) – wanting to be “in the know” or be involved, can also be leveraged in the world of real estate.

Notice many listings going up in a particular area? Use this to your advantage and include tailor your cold calling scripts accordingly.

Even if you haven’t handled any of these sales, you could use this to convince your prospect to sell their home.

Here’s a script you can follow:

Use this script when you're leveraging FOMO.

Give them some time to respond. If they seem interested, you could go on with:

Use this script when you're leveraging FOMO.

See how using FOMO created an opportunity for you?

But it’s important to note that you should only use this script if you noticed several listings in the same neighborhood. You don’t want to deceive your prospects.

12. Reviving your cold leads

NEVER give up on a cold lead even after being given the silent treatment. You know very well how life gets in the way and people get busy.

If you have already assessed the value of your prospects’ properties but have yet to hear from them, follow up. Try using this cold call script:


Use this script when you're reviving cold leads


Use this script when you're reviving cold leads

Use this script when you're reviving cold leads



Cold calling can be intimidating and utterly overwhelming if you don’t have the right attitude, resources, and tactics to overcome it. This is why we provided these real estate cold call scripts as templates for you.

Don’t just memorize the texts. Be flexible, understand the flow, and adapt them based on the situation.

If there’s one thing you should take away from this guide, is that you must never give up on your prospect just because they’re not interested. Forging a good relationship should take priority.

Even if they don’t engage your services now, they may just remember you when they themselves or someone they know needs an agent in the future. 

And to support you on your follow-up efforts, you can try using some of these real estate message templates or follow-up email templates to send them more personalized messages! 

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