How a click-to-call software can improve your customer satisfaction

Let's dive into some reasons how you can improve customer satisfaction with click-to-call software and manage your contact center operations better.
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Not all problems can be solved through live chat or outbound calls.

Those who have spent decades in the contact center industry know this. Sometimes, more work is required to solve a customer’s problem, and it is in these situations where a call back is a lot better than putting a client on hold for a long time.

After all, 32% of customers who call a business are not willing to be put on hold. 

I’ve long advocated how click-to-call software helps with sales and boosting a website’s conversion rate. But, can it really help with improving customer satisfaction levels?

In this article, we’ll dive into some reasons why a click-to-call system can help you improve your customer satisfaction and manage your contact center operations better.

How to improve customer satisfaction with click-to-call

Reduce waiting time and handling time

Customers would rather wait for a call back than be put on hold for even a minute. In fact, over 60% of customers will hang up if they are being put on hold for 1 minute or more. 

Can we really blame them? 🤷

But with a click-to-call solution, customers can request a callback at their preferred timing. 


Novocall’s click-to-call widget can be embedded onto your site to collect contact information from inbound leads who use it to schedule calls with you.
Novocall’s click-to-call widget can be embedded onto your site to collect contact information from inbound leads who use it to schedule calls with you.


This gives customers the assurance that they will be getting a callback, instead of aimlessly waiting for a call to never arrive. 

Decrease call abandon rates

An abandoned call occurs when a customer hangs up after waiting too long for an agent to answer.

This is not the same as a missed call.

An abandoned call is much worse than a missed call in terms of customer satisfaction. Why? Because it indicates that the customer is so irritated when waiting for a rep to answer the phone that they give up completely on resolving their problem.

Customers who have been on hold for five minutes to talk to an available rep will hang up. They’ll just attempt to call again later. This will result in a higher abandonment rate, which will not look good on your business reputation.

Additionally, consumers become dissatisfied. And we all know that unhappy customers = a blow to your brand perception and net promoter score.

When the call center’s success is evaluated, people will notice that you might not be placing enough people in the center, or that the average handle time isn’t where it should be.

Thus, by using a click-to-call system, you give customers the option right at the beginning to schedule a call during a rep’s available timeslot. 

Manage high call volume

Your agents will become exhausted as a result of the high call volume, and their output will suffer.

Your call center will be inundated with calls as reps spend more time on the phone. A click-to-call option would help reduce call volume, and agents will be able to reschedule these calls during off-peak hours.

If you use click-to-call software, all the agent has to do is to arrange the callback, and the software will route it to the right rep the next day or during off-peak hours.

It is not always necessary for the callback to be made by the same agent who took the inbound call. You may set up a process where you hand over the job to another group or individual, as long as he has access to sufficient documents about the customer’s problem.

Smoother transition from website to calls

A click-to-call software can be programmed to capture a caller’s information from your existing database. Customers may schedule a callback by logging into their online accounts.

By the time the agent answers the outbound call, he’s already familiar with the customer’s conduct, the pages he visited, and the assistance he requires. This reduces the amount of time it takes to handle a client and increases the customer experience from online to voice support.

Improved productivity for call reps

Since no time is lost keeping a customer on hold, callbacks will boost productivity. The rep will serve another customer while the previous issue is being resolved by using click-to-call software to schedule a callback.

You will save several hours of waiting time for customers as an employee figures out what to do or waits for another department to address a problem by implementing this business procedure at a site or contact center level.

Overall improvement in your CS team's efficiency

With click-to-call software, you’ll save tons of money. If a rep spent 30 minutes keeping a customer on hold while a supervisor solved the issue, you fixed the rep’s compensation for 30 minutes of doing nothing.

With a callback process, the rep would have serviced a new customer and used that 30 minutes to be productive, only calling the previous customer back after the issue has been resolved or as planned. Powerful click-to-call software also automates SMS follow-ups with customers.

This assures customers that you can call them back as soon as their issue is resolved, rather than dismissing them.

In conclusion, your contact center’s performance could be drastically improved by using a click-to-call software.

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JJ is the Co-Founder of Novocall. When he’s not busy building the Novocall brand, he spends his time watching crime shows and documentaries.

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