Connect leads through Novocall's Facebook Lead Ad integration.

Introducing Novocall’s new feature: integration with Facebook Lead Forms. It helps you capture your leads faster, and convert their interests into actual sales with greater ease. Find out how, in this article.
Huang Jing Jie (JJ)
Huang Jing Jie (JJ)


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Connect with leads through Novocall’s Facebook Lead Form integration

Facebook continues to be one of the most popular social media platforms and checking Facebook for updates is one the the daily routines for many people: 74% of all active Facebook users visit it every single day, which is around 1.74 billion people.

Because of this, Facebook has played an integral role in businesses’ advertising and marketing activities. While 57% of customers responding to a survey say that social media influences their shopping, 44% report that Facebook is the most influential. Thus, for marketing teams, Facebook is definitely one of the most useful tools to deploy.

Utilizing Facebook’s large active user base & constant traffic flow by putting up advertisements on it helps you capture more leads, boost your web traffic, and increase brand awareness.

However, Facebook ads come with certain limitations. When potential users click on the ad, the webpage tends to take a rather long time to load. Furthermore, customers still need to fill up information after being directed to your website. These two troublesome procedures create turning points which might turn down impatient customers and lead them to drop off.

Some current solutions have been put in place. For example, to improve customer experience with the ads, Facebook has built lead forms, which allows your customers to collect lead info on Facebook directly. However, this only removes the obstacles in the first contact. The leads still need to go somewhere and you still have to follow up manually.

Facing these challenges, Novocall’s new feature—integration with Facebook lead ads—is a solution to your problems. It helps to automate your Facebook advertising activities so the time you take to respond to an interested lead is shortened. In this way, you capture your leads faster, and convert their interests into actual sales with greater ease.

The benefits of integrating Facebook Lead Forms in a call-back system:

  • Reduce lead response time for interested leads to fill out your Facebook lead form
  • Provide solid customer service and good first impression for your new leads
  • Increase conversions from your ads
  • Eliminate manual data entry

What can Facebook Lead Form Integration do?

  • Send leads from Facebook to Novocall’s dashboard
  • Send leads from Facebook to your CRM automatically
  • Automate callback for new leads from Facebook lead ads
  • Schedule calls for new leads from Facebook lead ads
  • Create multiple Facebook campaign integration into Novocall and tag accordingly

Use Cases

Instantly follow-up with your warm Facebook leads

When a new lead develops interest and comes in from your Facebook lead ad, the first step of marketing is successful. However, businesses need to capture customers’ attention further. If you fail to leverage and push leads further down your marketing funnel into conversions, customers tend to drop off easily and the result is: the dollars you spend on putting up ads just goes to waste.

You can follow up with your leads instantly by the “click-to-call’ and “schedule-a-call” functions with Novocall’s new integration. It offers leads the option to connect with your company immediately after they enter your website, by scheduling a direct call. This feature keeps the conversation going and grabs leads’ attention with greater efficiency.

Route leads based on their information pre-filled on Facebook lead form

Leads can pre-fill their interests and demands on a Facebook lead form. Their input on the form will be collected and analyzed. Using these inputs, your leads will be funneled to different departments or sales reps who are most suitable to take the query and push the conversation forward.

This match-up allows call-reps to provide the most relevant information and meaningful conversation to your leads, and so they can better understand how your business benefits to them. This smoother communication process increases customer satisfaction, and directly helps generate more sales for your company.

Automate your entire Facebook ad funnel

Novocall’s smart solution automates your entire Facebook ad funnel.

When your leads schedule a call with you via the Facebook lead form, the scheduled appointments are synced right into your calendar.

Nearing the appointed time, Novocall automatically makes calls to connect both your lead and your call reps. This is full-on marketing automation from the ad channel to call—removing tedious manual work. It allows your entire business communication process to go digital, and to achieve efficiency.

Getting started

Start by implementing this amazing new feature today! You’ll just need your Novocall account to get started. Visit your integrations page, select ‘Facebook Lead Ad’, and connect. Enjoy the smooth process for your leads to connect with you via Facebook: multiple times of redirecting and rescheduling, not ever again!

Need help installing the Facebook Lead Ad integration? You can read our knowledge base articles, which offer comprehensive guides for you to learn more about integrating Novocall with Facebook Lead Ads.

Not part of Novocall yet? Get started with us today and give this integration a test drive!


JJ is the Co-Founder of Novocall. When he’s not busy building the Novocall brand, he spends his time watching crime shows and documentaries.

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