Connect leads through Novocall's Facebook Lead Ad integration.

Introducing Novocall’s new feature: integration with Facebook Lead Forms. It helps you capture your leads faster, and convert their interests into actual sales with greater ease. Find out how, in this article.
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Huang Jing Jie (JJ)


Connect with leads through Novocall’s Facebook Lead Form integration

1.74 billion people visit Facebook every single day. That’s 22% of the world’s population! 🤯

Facebook now plays an integral role in businesses’ advertising and marketing efforts. Facebook advertising casts a WIDEEEE net to capture more leads, boosts web traffic, and increases brand awareness. 🔊

Unfortunately, there are certain drawbacks of using Facebook advertising. Long loading times and troublesome forms create turning points for impatient customers to drop off.

Facebook has attempted to solve this with built-in lead forms, that allow you to collect lead information directly on Facebook. However, this only eliminates barriers during the initial touch. The leads still need to go somewhere and you’ll have to manually follow up with them.

Faced with these challenges, Novocall’s latest feature — integration with Facebook lead ads — is a solution to your problem.

It helps to automate your Facebook advertising activities, reducing the time it takes to respond to a lead who has expressed interest. This way, you’ll be able to capture leads faster and turn their interests into actual sales with greater ease.

The benefits of integrating Facebook Lead Forms in a call-back system:

What can Facebook Lead Form Integration do?

  • Send leads from Facebook to Novocall’s dashboard
  • Send leads from Facebook to your CRM automatically
  • Automate callback for new leads from Facebook lead ads
  • Schedule calls for new leads from Facebook lead ads
  • Create multiple Facebook campaign integration into Novocall and tag accordingly

Use Cases

Instantly follow-up with your warm Facebook leads

When a new lead develops interest and enters your pipeline from your Facebook lead ad, the first step marketing is successful.

However, businesses must do more to attract the interests and attention of their customers. If you fail to leverage and push leads further down your marketing funnel into conversions, customers tend to drop off easily. You’d only end up wasting dollars putting up ads.

With Novocall’s latest integration, you can immediately follow up with your leads using the “click-to-call” and “schedule-a-call” features. It allows leads to communicate with your company directly after visiting your website by setting up a direct call. This feature keeps the conversation going and effectively captures leads’ attention.

Route leads based on their information pre-filled on Facebook lead form

On a Facebook lead form, leads will pre-fill their interests and demands. The information they provide on the form will be gathered and evaluated. Your leads will be routed to various divisions or sales reps who are best suited to answer the question and move the discussion forward based on these inputs.

This allows for a lead-to-sales-rep match to provide the most relevant information and meaningful conversation to your leads, allowing them to better understand how your business can benefit them.

This improved communication leads to higher customer satisfaction and, as a result, more revenue for your business.

Automate your entire Facebook ad funnel

Novocall’s smart solution automates your entire Facebook ad funnel.

When your leads schedule a call with you via the Facebook lead form, the scheduled appointments are synced right into your calendar. As the appointed time approaches, Novocall automatically makes a call to connect both the lead and your rep.

This is full-fledged marketing automation, from ad channel to call — removing any tedious manual work. It enables you to digitize the entire business contact process and increase productivity.

Getting started

Get started with this amazing new feature right away! To get started, all you need is a Novocall account and you can enjoy the smooth process of connecting with your leads via Facebook. 🎉

Need help installing the Facebook Lead Ad integration? You can read our knowledge base article, which offers comprehensive guides for you to learn more about integrating Novocall with Facebook Lead Ads.

Get started with our 14-day free trial and give this integration a test drive!

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