What are lead routing rules? - Assigning leads to the right sales rep

Assigning the right sales rep to the right lead is essential in improving the customer experience. Lead routing rules do just that. Let's see what types there are out there!
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Like it or not, if you’re doing something manually, you’re wasting time.

Just picture the entire lead generation process in your head. Attracting prospects, conducting sales, nurturing leads, all of it.

It isn’t exactly the shortest process in the world, is it? If you’re not automating at least a part of it, too much time is being lost.

Lead distribution software automates the part of the process where the sales team decides the sales rep that will interact with specific leads. And they do so using predetermined lead routing (or lead assignment) rules to distribute leads.

But how is this lead-to-sales rep matching process being carried out? Let’s see.


What are lead routing rules?

Also known as lead assignment rules, they help automate a part of your lead generation process. Using a variety of predetermined sets, they help decide which sales rep each lead should be assigned to in order to maximize the odds of closing a deal. Let’s look at some examples.

Availability of sales reps

A survey by New Voice Media (now acquired by Vonage), 77% of respondents believe that a phone call is the most effective way to get an answer to a query.

Yet, a survey of 2,500 respondents showed that 60% of them felt that being left on hold for even 1 minute is too long. Imagine the number of leads who hang up before your sales reps are available to chat with them.

How then can we ensure that leads would not have to wait too long before being put on a call with the sales rep? Enter round-robin algorithms.

The system will automatically assign leads to the available call reps. Source: Novocall
The system will automatically assign leads to the available call reps. Source: Novocall

Novocall doesn’t just randomly connect your leads to any sales rep. We distribute leads to the right one.

We use round-robin algorithms to distribute leads based on your sales reps’ availability. Leads will not get sent to sales reps who are currently engaged in another call or busy. This reduces lead response time, by bouncing the caller to the next available rep.

Furthermore, the round-robin algorithm ensures that your sales reps will not be exhausted by a large number of calls. Once a sales rep finishes a sales call, they will be shifted to the last in the line of sales reps to receive a call from a lead.

Location of caller

Lead distribution software are also able to assign leads based on where the leads are based.

Sometimes, a lead may request a call-back from a company that is based in a different country from the lead.

Say you operate in Sukhumvit, Bangkok 🇹🇭, and a Thai lead reaches out to you, how do you ensure that the sales rep who picks up the call has the right experience to handle leads of that demographic?

How Departments distribute leads based on language and location.
How Departments distribute leads based on language and location.

With Departments, Novocall is able to route leads to the sales reps based on the country as the lead.

This helps is also useful to avoid the timezone issue so your sales reps will not have to stay up at ungodly hours to work according to a different timezone. 😴

Business function

Imagine this. You are a marketer looking for a call-back software to be used as part of your website optimization marketing campaign.

You spend so much time in an email thread deciding on a specific date and time to schedule a call with a sales rep.

Said appointment arrives and the sales rep reveals that they’re not familiar with using call-back software for marketing.

This can really make the customer experience very frustrating for the leads as your sales rep is unable to help address their problems.

Novocall allows businesses to assign sales reps to interact with leads from specific business functions. No longer will marketers speak to sales reps who are experienced in solving sales-related problems.

Instead, leads are more likely to be assigned to sales reps who understand the pain points of specific business functions and answer all relevant questions well.

Company size

In an exclusive interview with Salesforce Team Lead Edouard Obin, he said that sales should be contextual.

Selling to enterprise-level companies is different from selling to a middle-market company.

For instance, larger companies will be more careful when buying and implementing new software. This is due to the more far-reaching effects that come with changes to the type of software they use.

Companies of various sizes require different sales tactics in order to successfully sell your product or service to them.

Departments allow you to categorize your sales reps according to their specialization in terms of dealing with potential clients of specific sizes. Leads will then be distributed accordingly to the sales rep most suited to address their business needs.

Benefits of lead routing rules

Improved customer experience

As lead routing rules distribute your leads to the right sales reps, the sales process will be a lot smoother.

Leads who are marketers would not be assigned to sales reps who have experience selling to HR professionals. And leads with a sales background would not be assigned to a rep with experience selling to marketing professionals.

This lead-sales rep fit ensures that sales reps have the necessary experience and background knowledge to answer the relevant queries that the leads may have. This makes the experience more enjoyable for the leads themselves.

Increased revenue

Infographic about revenue metrics that show that lead routing rules can really drive revenue.
Important lead distribution metrics and statistics. Source: LeadSquared

This is unsurprising. Businesses who use lead routing rules to distribute their leads are able to ensure that leads have a great experience.

Interacting with sales reps who are able to address all their business needs is more likely to convince leads to convert and drive revenue for the company.

More efficient sales process

With lead routing rules, businesses are able to more accurately match the lead to the right sales rep best suited to their needs. This makes the entire sales process a lot easier.

More queries your experienced sales reps can answer means more time saved on needing to verify your responses.

This improves the overall efficiency of your sales process and shortens your sales cycles.


Personalization of services is key these days.

As you can see, lead distribution helps your business personalize the customer experience by routing your leads to specific sales reps with the right experience.

Are you looking for lead distribution software? Get started with us today to find out more about how we can help you improve your sales efficiency.

Picture of Nigel Seah
Nigel Seah

Nigel is a Digital Marketing Executive at Novocall where he specializes in SEO. Prior to this, he had written for several SaaS companies including Workstream and the now defunct Hatchme. In his free time, he engages in strength training and is a lover of languages.

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