Explore Novocall's Hubspot integration and what you can do with it

Novocall’s integration with HubSpot helps save your team time, ensure updated and accurate data, and understand customers better. Find out how, in this article.
Huang Jing Jie (JJ)
Huang Jing Jie (JJ)


We love a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.

So much so that we integrate with many other CRM tools and HubSpot is chief among them. It is considered one of the simplest platforms that a salesperson or marketer can quickly learn and benefit from. Still, it’s not exactly frictionless. Especially when it comes to a CRM database’s health.

We’ve been there, as we’re sure some of you have. Manual entries or imports for new customer details. Manual updates. The occasional duplicate. Maintaining and debugging a CRM, is needless friction for your team.

That’s why we’ve built deep Hubspot call-back integrations, to automate inbound lead activities. This means you no longer have to fire up HubSpot to log call activities, meetings, and notes. It’s all automated, with Novocall.

Novocall’s integration with HubSpot helps you focus on selling to clients while automating inbound calls through your digital activities like website lead generation and Facebook ads.

Benefits of integrating a call-back software with a CRM system:

Save your team time by eliminating manual data entry

Ensure up to date & accurate data:  Automatically call details and recordings to your CRM

Understand customers better: Make calls within CRM with full access to customer information

What you can do with Hubspot call-back integration

  • Automatically create contacts
  • Make inbound sales calls in HubSpot
  • Log call activity
  • Store and access call recordings
  • Full reporting of calls


Novocall Conversations’ integration with Hubspot allows your leads’ information to be automatically entered into the CRM system.
Information of a lead automatically logged into the CRM software, Hubspot.


Here's how to build powerful automation with Novocall and Hubspot

Send leads and calls into your sales funnel:

With Novocall, you can turn calls and messages into HubSpot contacts. This can be used for future automation.

How does this work?

When a prospect requests a callback through a Novocall widget or through Facebook lead ads, Novocall creates a new contact or updates current contacts with a new call or lead activity.

From this contact, we can then automate a drip email sequence based on their call statuses.

Enrich contacts to contextualize and optimize your sales:

Understand your leads better when they call you. Capture lead intelligence when receiving call leads by gathering call recordings, custom prospect customers, and synced contacts in HubSpot.

This enriches the contact, making for more powerful sales conversations.

Inbound sales call system within HubSpot:

Make inbound sales calls via Novocall within HubSpot itself.

Phone calls are still crucial when it comes to closing sales, and your team will be able to call within the Contacts’ activity page and reference future contact information during their call.


Novocall is a holistic call management software.
Novocall is a holistic call management software.


How does Hubspot call-back integration help your team?

Send leads and calls into your sales funnel:

From accelerating sales demo calls to distributing leads for scheduling, the Novocall and HubSpot call-back integration helps teams focus on improving customer satisfaction relationships. Here’s how other businesses are leveraging our integration.

Novocall + HubSpot for sales:

This is something our sales teams use a lot for external clients. When a prospect requests or schedules a call, contacts, and activities are automatically updated within HubSpot. You can then generate call reports under HubSpot’s reporting tool to help sales leaders understand how your pipeline is progressing.

Further, integrate Novocall with other sales tools like Google Calendar and Slack to have more successful sales calls!

Novocall + HubSpot for marketing:

For marketers, you want to accelerate your lead nurturing process. With Novocall, you can. Simply capture lead information and convert your warmer prospects into a call.

These calls can then be automatically assigned and sent to your sales team based on prospects’ answers, or through a round robin system. This lead information is then created as a HubSpot contact.

Marketing workflow can then be triggered to send them custom emails or notifications based on call outcomes.

Novocall + HubSpot for customer success:

A customer success rep? You’re not left out. Novocall could also be used in tandem with HubSpot’s Service Hub.

Drive more check-ins with your customers using Novocall’s call feature within HubSpot. Whenever someone creates a support ticket, you can provide a call link through Novocall for them to schedule a callback with you.

Proactive trigger workflows to call back your account for more frequent conversations on check-ins and upgrades, driving greater retention and better support.

Getting Started

You’ll just need your Novocall account. Visit your integrations page and select HubSpot to connect.

Don’t have a Novocall account? Get started with us today!


JJ is the Co-Founder of Novocall. When he’s not busy building the Novocall brand, he spends his time watching crime shows and documentaries.

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