Non-fixed VoIP: What is it and how does it benefit your business?

You've probably heard of the term VoIP, but did you know about non-fixed VoIP numbers? What exactly are non-fixed VoIP phone numbers in the world of business phone systems? Let’s find out!
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You’ve probably heard of the term Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems, and how they differ from traditional landlines.

But if you’re unsure, VoIP systems basically refer to technologies that allow for voice and video communication via internet connection.

Here’s where things get… a bit confusing. There’s fixed AND non-fixed VoIP. 🤔

Before you decide to close the tab and give up, we’ll break it up into digestible chunks so you get a clearer understanding of the whole VoIP sphere.

We’re going to take a look at what exactly are non-fixed VoIP numbers, and the ways that it can benefit your business if you use it – so let’s dive straight into it! 🏊‍♂️💦


What is non-fixed VoIP?

In the world of VoIP technology, non-fixed VoIP numbers refer to phone numbers used in VoIP phone systems that are not limited to any geographic location.

Also known as virtual phone numbers, non-fixed VoIP numbers are not tied to any device either – calls can be made via the internet using computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

Contrast this against your traditional phone lines, which are location-specific and device-specific. Phone calls made through traditional telcos are usually connected through a specific landline and a dedicated phone unit.

Following so far?

Great! 👍

How does it work?

Non-fixed VoIP numbers still transmit calls in the same way using standard VoIP technology.

The unique point about non-fixed VoIP numbers is how it’s usually tied in with a user account. When calling a non-fixed VoIP number, all devices that are connected to that assigned user account will ring, and the recipient can use any of their devices to answer that call.

But it can also be used to connect with a dedicated team – where every member of the team will receive that incoming call and any member can pick up the call. This effectively frees up companies from the traditional idea that 1 phone number = 1 person.

With non-fixed VoIP, 1 virtual phone number = 1 purpose.

For example, a single non-fixed VoIP number can be used to direct all customer support calls to the customer service team, where the call will then be forwarded to ring all members of the team until one person picks it up.

Benefits of non-fixed VoIP

Easy to assign and configure

It’s really easy to set up non-fixed VoIP phone numbers for your team compared to traditional phone lines.

The old way of setting up a phone line is to purchase phone numbers from your telco, wait for a manual installation of a phone system like a private branch exchange (PBX), then manually link it up with a phone set.

But with a VoIP system, you can simply purchase phone numbers and assign them in a few clicks!

Let’s take Novocall as an example.

Simply open up your settings and select your preferred region/country code to purchase a new non-fixed VoIP phone number.

Purchase virtual phone numbers easily with Novocall.
Purchase virtual phone numbers easily with Novocall.

You can choose to either assign the new number to a specific user or phone number or forward calls to an entire department.

Easily assign calls to specific representatives or departments with Novocall.
Easily assign calls to specific representatives or departments with Novocall.

With non-fixed VoIP numbers, you reduce the purchase and set up process from a matter of days to a few minutes.

Plus, you’ll always have the flexibility to reassign these phone numbers to other user accounts, set up new call groups, and freely configure these department members.

Region and country codes

You can choose a non-fixed VoIP phone number that carries the region or country code that corresponds to your target market.

This is a great way to appear ‘local’ on caller ID if you’re making cold calls, or even set up region-dedicated teams to answer incoming calls for each specific phone number.

Leads and customers are more likely to pick up a call from a local phone number – so purchase one virtual phone number for every targeted market to reach them better!

Track campaigns

Call tracking is a powerful tool that determines how your leads and customers found your business. It is excellent in measuring the success of your marketing campaigns and figuring out which platform is driving the best traffic to you.

Novocall’s non-fixed VoIP numbers allow call tracking to measure the performance of your marketing campaigns.
Novocall’s non-fixed VoIP numbers allow call tracking to measure the performance of your marketing campaigns.

Non-fixed VoIP numbers can do just that by being the dedicated phone number for your active campaigns, thereby giving you more information about who your leads and customers are and where they are coming from.

More affordable international calling

Making international calls with non-fixed VoIP phone numbers are also much more affordable than traditional landlines!

Money saved gif

Since VoIP software makes calls over the internet, they are not subjected to the terrifying international calling rates that traditional telcos charge. This makes non-fixed VoIP an excellent choice for businesses with international teams and businesses with a regional or global reach.

Mobility and flexibility

With the ability to make calls through the internet, your team has the flexibility to choose where they want to work from. Gone are the days of being stuck at your office desk just to stay connected via the office phone line.

Meet clients and work on the go, or work from the comforts of your home with non-fixed VoIP phone numbers – an internet connection and device is all you need to make calls anywhere, anytime!

What are the disadvantages?

Blocked because of spammers

Unfortunately, non-fixed VoIP numbers are widely used by spammers for international scam calls and impersonation calls. As such, spam filters may wrongly identify and block incoming calls from businesses using non-fixed VoIP phone numbers.

First time call recipients may also be extra wary when they receive a non-fixed VoIP number’s call that has another region or country code – a possibility if leads and customers are so spread out that you simply can’t dedicate 1 number to every location.


All VoIP phone systems are not suitable for emergency calls, including non-fixed phone numbers. Internet connectivity is simply not as reliable as traditional landlines in emergency situations.

Furthermore, emergency responders may use the caller’s phone number to track down their physical location to better dispatch emergency services, which is simply not possible for non-fixed phone numbers.

Who should definitely use non-fixed VoIP?

Global teams

Without a doubt, any business with remote teams around different parts of the world should use non-fixed VoIP numbers for their corporate calling needs.

It’s simply a cost-saver and the easy administration of a VoIP phone system makes it great for both managers and team members alike to improve their daily workflows.

Cold calling teams

If your team makes frequent calls to prospects and leads, the affordable international calling rates of non-fixed VoIP numbers are not to be missed!

These prospects and leads that you’re reaching out to will also be worry-free from any international charges when they pick up your call, because you’ll most likely be reaching them with your region-specific non-fixed VoIP number! 😉

How can I do more with non-fixed VoIP?

Non-fixed VoIP numbers are a great choice for businesses of all sizes – so it’s crucial to find the best VoIP phone system for your business!

If you’re looking for a VoIP business phone system to support your inbound and outbound call-driven lead generation efforts, look no further – Novocall’s suite of call management features is here for you!

Make the most out of your cold call campaigns with Novocall’s outbound dialer – automate your cold calls to automatically call and reach out to your prospects and leads!

Effectively distribute incoming calls to your non-fixed VoIP number by routing it to the right representative or team with Novocall’s non-fixed VoIP virtual phone numbers. Integrate with popular CRM tools like Salesforce and Hubspot for even greater workflow synergy.

Give Novocall a try today to begin the best use out of non-fixed VoIP numbers! 😋😉

Chee Yong Qing
Chee Yong Qing

Yong Qing is a Content Marketer at Novocall. In his own time, he enjoys making music and philosophical conversations.

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