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Novocall automate business conversations between you and your customer to increase your sales conversions.

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Powerful call solutions for scaling sales

Inbound Calling

Call automation through your website widget and lead forms

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Outbound Calling

Automate your sales outreach and cold calling

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Meeting Scheduling

Scheduling app that qualifies and automates video or phone calls

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Engage prospects instantly with Callback

Does selling your product or service require more rapport to be established?

You can now do what live chat can’t – give your prospects the option to talk to your sales team.

Prospect can click-to-call through a widget, contact form or Facebook forms.

How Click-to-Call works →


Automate sales outreach and cold calls

Taking too long to reach out to sales prospects or to run through a leads list? 

Novocall helps you run cold calling campaigns without you lifting a finger. Eliminate time-consuming tasks such as manual dialing.

How Outbound Calling works →


Attribute phone calls to your marketing campaigns to optimize ad spend

Novocall tracks your sales call data and links them back to your analytics platforms (Google & Facebook) for laser accurate attribution.

How Call Tracking works →


Schedule meetings and calls with 1-click

Spending too much time scheduling calls? Or are you taking too many unqualified demos?

Novocall helps you qualify your leads and automates the meeting scheduling process to help you save more time

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Features for demanding enterprises. Simplified for every business.


Round Robin

 Automatically distribute meetings to your team based on availability, priority or equity.


Call Recordings

Record your calls to check performance or manage disputes.

Business Hours

Schedule calls the next day when you’re off for the day.

Call Analytics

Measure the performance of your team with their call activities.

Auto Follow-up

Automatically follow up on your missed calls at a pre-set time.

Advanced Call Routing

Send callers to the most relevant people based on departments, product knowledge or location.


Connect to lead forms

Automate calls when a lead comes in from your contact form or Facebook form

International Calls

Connect with customers from overseas. Up to 42 countries.

SMS Follow-ups

Provide personalized SMS follow-up to your prospects after the call.

From our Blog

“The ROI on attributing sales calls to our ad campaigns with Novocall makes this a no brainer for our clients.”

Abhishek Kumar
VP, Knorex

“Improving conversions through sales call automation has never been this easy. Our leads increased 4 times after using Novocall.”

Chan Kee Siak
CEO, Exabytes

“I switched from manual processes to Novocall’s sales automation and my conversion rates increased to 40-45%.”

Pedro Cuencas
Director of Digital Marketing, White Jacobs & Associates

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