What can you do with Novocall & TimeSync's new Salesforce integration?

Novocall Conversations and Timesync are now integrated with popular CRM tool, Salesforce. How does it benefit your business?
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are amazing.

They connect your different departments, store lead and customer data, as well as track success metrics. Salesforce is one of the best ones out there and it boasts the results to prove this.

In 2020, Salesforce reported fourth-quarter revenue of $4.85 billion, an increase of 35% year-on-year. It was even named the #1 CRM provider for the 7th consecutive year.

That being said, it is not exactly frictionless. You still need to manually enter and update new customer details into the software.

That’s why we’ve decided to integrate Salesforce with our products! Our call-back software and our scheduler TimeSync both have lead forms that collect your leads’ contact information in order to automate a call-back.

This integration helps you to automate the data entry process and eliminate the manual work. Here’s how else this integration can benefit you!


What you can do with Salesforce integration?

  • Automatically create and sync customer data.
  • Store and manage customer information all on one platform.
  • Customizable event triggers allow you to receive notifications when new leads come through Novocall’s products.
  • Full reporting and analysis of calls and data deliver actionable insights.


Benefits of integrating with a CRM system:

  • Capture and record data on leads from multiple initial customer touchpoints.
  • Saves your team time by eliminating manual data entry.
  • Ensure up-to-date and accurate data by automatically syncing call details.
  • Provide a more tailored customer experience by analyzing the data collected before making more well-informed decisions.

How does Novocall + Salesforce integration help your team?

1. Novocall + Salesforce for Sales teams

The integration with Salesforce provides your sales teams the insights they need to improve their customer service.

When customers request for a call-back through Novocall, the data collected is automatically stored in Salesforce. You can then generate reports through Salesforce’s Sales Cloud feature to give the team the information needed to create a more tailored sales journey for your customers.

What’s next? We’re in the midst of developing outbound call features that will be integrated directly into Salesforce. This further improves the sales capability of your Novocall-Salesforce integration!

2. Novocall + Salesforce for Customer Success

Novocall’s products work hand-in-hand with Salesforce’s Service Cloud feature to help your Customer Success teams provide better service.

With the integration, you get a bigger and better overview of your customers. Your Customer Success teams can also write notes on each customer’s profile to keep track of specific customer’s requests.

Salesforce also allows you to provide personalized support across different digital channels. These include messaging, chat, and social.

3. Novocall + Salesforce for Marketing teams

Now that Novocall is integrated with Salesforce, the lead nurturing process can be sped up.

Data is collected when a customer requests for a call-back. This can be done through the Conversations widget, TimeSync lead form, or a Facebook ad lead form. Salesforce then automatically creates a lead profile using this information.

You can use Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud feature to connect information from across multiple sources. This gives you a holistic understanding of your customer.

The data collected is stored in Salesforce and marketers can then create a personalized customer journey through email and social campaigns.

Getting started

All you need is a Novocall account. Visit the integrations page and select Salesforce to connect.

Get started with us today!

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