Convert your traffic into sales calls and pipeline by at least 30%

Novocall converts and attributes qualified sales call leads for sales and marketing teams.

No credit card. Set up in 5 mins.

Convert your traffic into sales calls and pipeline by a least 30%

Novocall captures and distributes qualified sales call leads for inside sales and sales teams.

Trusted by over 2,000 brands and counting

Helping Your Prospects Convert

The Call Automation and Attribution Platform


Instantly connect your website visitors to your sales team, with data-driven insights.

Call Scheduling

Schedule calls when your team is not free, and automate dialling for them.

Call Tracking

Optimize your marketing campaigns with ad platform integrations.

Automate your inbound sales in 3 steps

1. Capture Prospects

Engage interested web visitors, and offer them a free callback with our callback software.

2. Qualify and Personalize

Qualify your leads before the call and only engage the serious buyers.

3. Connect Customers

Instantly connect to your web visitors through a 2-way phone connection.

Never miss another sales opportunity.

Never miss another sales opportunity.

How Novocall helps you

Target Interested Visitors

Automatically prompt interested prospects using callback software widget.

Convert leads while they’re hot

Connect your visitors to your sales team in seconds

No more Back-and-Forth Scheduling

Calls are scheduled and dialed when you’re not busy.

Qualify Sales Calls

Learn about your caller before the call, qualify them and personalize.

Optimize your Marketing Campaigns

Track calls to ad campaigns, to optimize and reduce ad spend. Integrated with FB & Google.

Increase Website Conversions

Increase ROI of your marketing campaigns with more conversions.

Plug into Marketing Automation tools

Use Novocall in tandem with other marketing tools such as Mailchimp and Hubspot.

Understand Customer More Deeply

In-depth customer journey and call recordings to help you understand customer better.

“We saw an increase of +55% from Novocall’s callback software conversions. Some of them were pleasantly surprised to get connected so quickly!”

X.Y Ng

VP Marketing @ Validus Capital

Powerful Sales and Marketing Integrations

Novocall’s callback software works great with tools in your existing workflow.

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