The all-in-one VoIP business phone system for small businesses

Convert inbound leads to sales calls, automate outbound cold call campaigns, attribute your calls, and more! Novocall is THE lead-generating phone system and performance tracker.

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How our business phone system works

Add your team’s phone numbers

Set up your schedule

Start receiving and making calls

How it works

Add your team’s phone numbers

Set up your schedule

Start receiving and making calls

Turn website visitors into high-converting calls

Convert your visitors into high-converting calls.

Embed Novocall’s click-to-call solution as a site widget, a contact form on your website, or link it to your Facebook lead forms.

Distribute calls to the right sales rep

Automatically route calls to the right teammates or departments. No more awkward transfers.

Create automated cold call campaigns

Wasted too much time manually dialling leads? Our automated phone system lets small businesses upload entire contact lists. It then automatically dials the numbers for you.

Attribute calls to ad campaigns

No idea which ad campaign your sales call came from? Fret not! Novocall’s Call Tracking solution helps you attribute your inbound calls to their sources.

Integrate with all the tools you love

Our automated business phone system is integrated with the tools small businesses are already using.

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Trusted by thousands of businesses

Improving conversions has never been this easy. Our leads increased 4 times after using Novocall.

Chan Kee Siak

CEO, Exabytes

I switched from manual processes to Novocall’s sales automation and my conversion rates increased to 40-45%.

Pedro Cuencas

Director of Digital Marketing, White Jacobs & Associates

The ROI on attributing sales calls to our ad campaigns with Novocall makes this a no brainer for our clients.

Abhishek Kumar

VP, Knorex

Over 100+ ratings on Capterra

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