8 best CallRail alternatives: Feature comparisons, Prices & Reviews

Looking for CallRail alternatives for your business? Want to know which software is best suited for your business? Well, you’ve come to the right place!
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It’s absolutely no surprise that CallRail will show up as the top few search results when you are looking for a call tracking software to adopt.

After all, CallRail currently has about 20% of the call tracking software market share.

Pie chart showing the market share held by CallRail. Source: Datanyze
Pie chart showing the market share held by CallRail. Source: Datanyze

While that number is pretty impressive, not every business would choose to use CallRail. It could be too expensive, or it could be because the software doesn’t have all the features a business needs.

At the end of the day, there is no cookie-cutter solution out there. It really depends on your business’ individual needs.

That’s why we’ve picked some of the best CallRail alternatives for people like you who want to know what your options are!


What is CallRail?

CallRail is a call tracking and analytics software that provides visibility to inbound calls.

It identifies online and offline campaigns, websites, and keywords that drive phone conversations. This allows you to attribute calls to its source and understand how your customers interact with your business.

CallRail’s AI-powered conversation intelligence platform consists of a suite of features such as call recording, call transcribing, and keyword spotting.

What makes CallRail great

1. Visitor timelines

This CallRail feature serves the basic function of a call tracking solution. shows you a visitor’s entire interaction with your website- the source, landing page, and the web page that drove the call.


Timeline showing how a visitor interacts with your website. Source: CallRail


This reveals the customers’ intent and gives you insight into what your customers are looking for and how they found it. Essentially, it helps you identify the web pages that deliver a higher call volume.

By understanding the needs of your customers, you can focus on topics or keywords that result in the most valuable visits.

2. Source-level tracking

CallRail’s source-level tracking gives you insight into which marketing campaigns are driving traffic by assigning a unique phone number for each campaign.

As with other call tracking software, you’re able to attribute your calls to both offline and online campaigns to identify the drivers of most calls.

You’ll then be able to understand which campaigns resonate with your customer base and fine-tune future marketing strategies to suit your business needs.

3. Dual-channel recording

CallRail uses its dual-channel recording feature to ensure that recordings conversions are of the highest quality.

It uses two microphones to simultaneously record one conversation. This means that both speakers, the caller, and rep, are recorded separately from the point of speech. Background noise is also isolated to get an improved phone call transcription.

With this function, you’re able to clearly transcribe calls and distinguish what was said even if both parties talk over each other.

These features show that CallRail gets its basics right. That being said, CallRail might not necessarily be the best fit for your business, and here’s why.

Downsides of using CallRail

1. Weak reporting

Despite having multiple features that help you get the most out of your inbound calls, CallRail users mentioned that call reports are not detailed enough.


Comments about CallRail’s weak reporting capabilities on G2’s review page.



This can potentially cause businesses to miss out on important call information that determines the next course of action of their marketing campaigns. It can negatively affect the success of the campaigns and their overall marketing strategy. 

2. Inefficient customer support

CallRail’s customer support services might not be the best, as users mention that it is challenging to get a hold of staff.



Comments about CallRail’s poor customer support service on Capterra’s review page.

Comments about CallRail’s poor customer support service on Capterra’s review page.


The inefficient customer support can possibly disrupt business processes in the event a problem arises and immediate assistance is required.

3. Non-intuitive interface

CallRail’s user interface isn’t the most user-friendly and might not be the best fit for companies that do not have dedicated tech teams.

Time is money. The more time you spend trying to learn how to use complicated software, the less time you spend on actually carrying out your business operations.


Comments about CallRail’s poor user interface on Capterra’s review page.

Comments about CallRail’s poor user interface on G2’s review page.


With the many features and functionalities that CallRail provides, the navigation of menus in the dashboard might not be the most intuitive.

8 Best CallRail alternatives

1) ActiveDemand

ActiveDemand is an integrated marketing automation platform with call tracking capabilities.

ActiveDemand is an integrated marketing automation platform with call tracking capabilities.

Businesses can track calls down to the exact keyword a visitor used with ActiveDemand’s keyword-based tracking feature. You can also record and generate transcripts of all your calls.

It is one of the more affordable options as its call tracking plan starts from $0, while still giving you access to many important features and integrations.

Some other ActiveDemand features:

  • Easily create and schedule automated email campaigns
  • Lead scoring allows you to assign a numerical value to each lead, determining which lead to prioritize
  • Multiple third-party integrations to work with your favorite apps
  • Visitor timeline to monitor a visitor’s entire interaction with your website

💡 Best known for: Integrated marketing automation capabilities

💡 Standout feature: ActiveDemand’s drag-and-drop landing page builder helps you create responsive pages to help convert your leads.

💡 Pricing: Call tracking plan – $0/mth, Email marketing – From $15/month, Small business marketing plan – From $69/month, Corporate plan – From $199/month

2) Novocall

Novocall is a holistic call management solution

Novocall is a holistic call management software with features that work together to enhance your call and lead management capabilities.

Its call tracking feature comes with dynamic number insertion (DNI) capabilities that allow you to swap business numbers on your campaigns with a tracking number. You can attribute your inbound sales calls to the source marketing campaign to improve the visibility of your online and offline campaign performance.

Its data analytics dashboard allows you to clearly visualize your campaign results. Businesses are then able to quickly identify the best-performing campaigns and double down on them while stopping underperforming campaigns.

Novocall also comes with other call-related features. Its outbound auto dialer lets you create automated outbound calling campaigns to follow up with inbound leads. Its callback automation feature is integrated with Facebook lead ads. This allows you to cast a wider net and reach out to a bigger audience and conduct lead form tracking. The performance of your Facebook lead generation campaigns can also be tracked.

Some other Novocall features:

  • Improve your sales rep-lead match by using its lead distribution feature
  • Call recording allows you to decipher and monitor all conversations with your customers
  • Integrates with popular CRMs such as Hubspot, Salesforce, and Zapier
  • Request for an instant call via the click-to-call widget
  • Forward calls meant for your business to your personal phone. Take sales calls from any location.

💡 Best known for: Wide variety of call-related features that work together to improve your call management capabilities

💡 Standout feature: Novocall provides local numbers so you can track offline ad campaigns whether you’re running ads for a billboard, TV, or on a business card.

💡 Pricing: Request for a quote

3) CallSource

CallSource is a call tracking software designed for appointment-based businesses

CallSource is a call tracking software designed for appointment-based businesses such as those in the dental and automotive industries.

The software’s advanced call tracking technology collects precise information about your customers and marketing campaigns. Also, its real-time online reporting provides in-depth actionable analytics so you can optimize well-performing campaigns.

Some other CallSource features:

  • Call recording to easily decipher and monitor customer conversations
  • Appointment Confirmation feature documents inbound calls that result in appointments
  • Auto-response feature responds to reviews with individually tailored replies
  • Provides vanity phone numbers to drive customers to your business

💡 Best known for: Detailed campaign analytics

💡 Standout feature: CallSource offers over-the-phone personal coaching so that reps are trained to book more appointments and close more deals.

💡 Pricing: Request for a quote

4) CallTrackingMetrics

CallTrackingMetrics is an all-in-one call tracking and contact center management tool.

Founded in 2012, CallTrackingMetrics has been gaining traction and is quickly becoming one of the top call tracking software providers in the market.

CallTrackingMetrics is an all-in-one call tracking and contact center management tool. Its AI-driven call tracking functionality allows you to track calls, texts, chats, and even forms back to its marketing source.

Some other CallTrackingMetrics features:

  • Transcription tools make it easier to decipher the content of customer conversations
  • Route calls based on several predetermined criteria such as a customers’ online activity or their demographic information
  • Track calls from online and offline campaigns with virtual phone numbers
  • Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) to assign a different tracking number to every advertising source

💡 Best known for: Multi-channel attribution

💡 Standout feature: Its call tracking feature supports more than just calls – it also captures information from text messages, lead forms, and live chat.

💡 Pricing: Business plan – $39/month, Marketing plan – $99/month, Contact Center plan – $299/month, Build Your Own plan – Request for a quote

5) DialogTech

DialogTech is a call analytics and optimization platform.

DialogTech is a call analytics and optimization platform. Its AI-driven analytical dashboard provides in-depth insights by analyzing each conversation to measure caller intent, lead quality, and more.

DialogTech’s call attribution technology also tracks data such as detailed customer information, visitor timelines, and which marketing source led them to your business.

Some other DialogTech features:

  • Blocks spam calls that disrupt your business and call tracking data
  • Display multiple call tracking numbers on a single webpage to get an overview of all campaigns
  • Set up call routing rules to route callers to the right agent, providing a better call experience
  • Record and transcribe every conversation and store them in a centralized database

💡 Best known for: AI-driven call attribution technology

💡 Standout feature: Its SourceIQ feature is able to capture granular data such as a caller’s phone number, geographic location, day and time of the call, their device and browser, and more.

💡 Pricing: Request for a quote

6) Invoca

Invoca is an AI-powered call tracking and analytics software.

Invoca is an AI-powered call tracking and analytics software. Its real-time call and conversation analytics provides granular data on campaign performances.

You can also qualify and route calls based on factors such as geographic location, time of call, product interest, and more.

Its advanced suite of call tracking features such as conversion tracking and interactive voice response (IVR) tools make it more suitable for enterprise companies looking for a holistic call tracking solution.

Some other Invoca features:

  • Conversation intelligence uncovers important information such as competitive and market insights
  • Set up call routing rules to route callers to the right agent, providing a better call experience
  • Third-party integrations with platforms like Google Ads and Salesforce allows you to work with your favorite apps
  • DNI to assign a different tracking number to every advertising source

💡 Best known for: Advanced call tracking features

💡 Standout feature: Invoca’s AI-driven analytics provides businesses with in-depth and actionable insights on their marketing campaigns.

💡 Pricing: Request for a quote

7) CallAction

CallAction is a sales automation software that automates both inbound and outbound calls, emails, and messages.

CallAction is a sales automation software that automates calls, emails, and messages.

Users can not only track calls, but you’re provided with in-depth analytics on your campaigns. It also comes with a lead engagement feature that allows users to engage with your customers through multiple communication channels – phone calls, emails, and text messages.

Some other CallAction features:

  • Advanced call notifications to inform reps of incoming calls
  • Upload contacts into call lists to quickly dial and send text message with its built-in VoIP single-line dialer
  • Distribute incoming phone calls using round-robin algorithms
  • Setup unlimited ‘text for info’ campaigns to instantly capture text leads

💡 Best known for: Flexibility and ease of use

💡 Standout feature: CallAction’s SMS automation responds to missed calls, making it a great option for businesses that have mobile-heavy customers.

💡 Pricing: Solo Starter – $115/month, Solo Advanced – $224/month, Team Pro – $499/month, Enterprise Plan – Request for a quote

8) ringDNA

ringDNA is a sales engagement software that is directly integrated with Salesforce.

ringDNA is a sales engagement software company that provides a variety of sales and marketing solutions based on their customers’ business needs.

Its call tracking software is built for Salesforce, which means it directly integrates with Salesforce’s Sales Cloud. This makes it a good option for existing Salesforce users as the data collected is automatically logged into their CRM.

ringDNA allows you to track calls from multiple sources including AdWords, LinkedIn, Yelp, and Instagram.

Some other ringDNA features:

  • Automate call transcription and analysis to provide insights into conversations with customers
  • AI-powered alerts highlight important keywords in conversations such as competitor mentions or common objections
  • Call routing to automatically send inbound callers to the most relevant reps
  • In-depth reporting provides granular data on incoming calls

💡 Best known for: Call tracking for Salesforce customers

💡 Standout feature: Its drag and drop functionality makes it easy to build campaign-based routing and IVR menus.

💡 Pricing: Request for a quote

CallRail competitor comparison

To help you compare better between the alternatives, we’ve created a table just for you.

CallRail competitor comparisons.

CallRail competitor comparisons.

Is CallRail the call tracking software for you?

So, is CallRail worth it? That really depends on what you need.

If you’re solely looking for a comprehensive call tracking solution, CallRail might be suitable for you.

But if you’re looking for a holistic call management solution with a suite of other features that support call tracking, Novocall is the one for you.

And that’s it! We hope that we’ve given you a better understanding of the types of call tracking providers and what your options are.

To find out more about how Novocall can help, sign up for a 14-day free trial today!


Faye is a digital marketing executive at Novocall. When she’s not busy writing articles for Novocall’s blog, she spends her time baking and playing with her dogs.

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