Is CallTrackingMetrics worth it - Features, Prices & Reviews

We examine the features and prices of three different call tracking software to help you make a more informed purchase decision.
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Nigel Seah

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Is Calltrackingmetrics worth it – Features, Prices & Reviews

Not tracking your calls and attributing them to your marketing campaign can cost you 80% of your conversions. That’s why call tracking software like CallTrackingMetrics was invented.

In doing your research for your ideal call tracking system, you probably would have already come across the several benefits of tracking your calls. But just to recap, here is our ultimate guide to call tracking.

But we know that there are many similar software offerings with the same functions too.

As with other tech solutions, many competitor brands share similar basic functions. This makes choosing the one most suited for your company a lot trickier.

We took the time to try out five other CallTrackingMetrics alternatives and analyze their features.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a greater understanding of CallTrackingMetrics’ competitors and which one can best address your specific business problem. The five Calltrackingmetrics alternatives are:

  • CallHippo
  • Novocall
  • FreshCaller
  • ResponseTap
  • Ringba

What makes CallTrackingMetrics great?

1. Customizable call tracking features

CallTrackingMetrics allows you to customize several aspects of its call tracking capabilities. These include customizing the call tracking number and whether your marketing campaign is online or offline.

As different businesses have different needs, having customizable settings allows them to personalize their software to suit their specific needs.

2. Keyword Spotting

Keyword Spotting allows users to set rules that tell the software to detect specific keywords mentioned in call transcriptions. Businesses can then tell the software to take specific actions based on the keywords it identified.


CallTrackingMetrics’ keyword spotting feature helps businesses identify specific keywords during calls.
Database showing keywords identified during calls. Source: CallTrackingMetrics


For example, you can tell the software to spot the keyword “wrong number”, and then tell it to not log the call and delete it from the records.

The feature can also be used to detect trends. For example, if several callers mention certain keywords or keyphrases, this might provide you with insights into a potentially growing interest in a particular subject. You can then set a rule telling the software to tag these calls.

This feature helps users save time by eliminating the need to review the recorded audios all over again to identify certain insights before taking action.

Downsides of using CallTrackingMetrics

1. Poor customer service and support

Several of CallTrackingMetrics’ users have taken to software review sites to comment on CallTrackingMetrics’ customer service and support.


Negative reviews about CallTrackingMetrics’ customer service and support.


Several users have raised dissatisfaction about the way their support requests were handled.

2. Lackluster user interface

Users of CallTrackingMetrics have complained about its lackluster user interface.


Other users meanwhile, have taken to review sites to talk about their negative experiences with CallTrackingMetrics’ user interface.

5 CallTrackingMetrics alternatives

1. CallHippo - Improved clarity during your conversations

CallHippo is an on-demand Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) service provider. Apart from the usual call tracking capabilities, it also allows businesses to set up virtual call centers.

This CallTrackingMetrics alternative has the unique Smart Switch feature. This allows you to switch between phone networks before making calls to avoid poor connections.



CallHippo’s Smart Switch feature allows you to switch between phone networks before making calls to avoid poor connections.


The quality of phone signals differs in different parts of the world. As a platform that specializes in helping businesses build call centers in different countries, it is important to help them to provide clearer calls with their customers.

Few other CallHipo features:

  • Forward calls to your alternative numbers with Smart Call Forwarding
  • Quickly make decisions with your team with Call Conferencing, anywhere and anytime
  • Greets your customer professionally with a Voicemail greeting when your team is busy
  • Dials all your leads automatically with Power Dialer

2. Novocall - The holistic call management software

Novocall is a holistic call management software with a suite of different features that helps streamline call-driven operations for businesses. These include call tracking, click-to-call, and its automated outbound dialer.

Its call tracking capabilities helps you improve your visibility of your call-driven online and offline marketing campaigns. By tracking each call to the original campaign, you can identify the best performing campaigns and make informed decisions that maximize your ad spend.

To further support your call tracking efforts, Novocall even has a website lead source feature that tells you which of your webpages drives the most calls.

Novocall comes with a lead source feature that tells you which webpage your lead is calling you from.

Couple this with the typical call tracking features and you get a powerful inbound call attribution tool.

Other Novocall Conversations features:

  • Comprehensive dashboard with call metrics like no. of missed calls and no. of successful calls.
  • Integration with Google and Outlook calendars
  • Facebook lead ad integration that allows you to cast a wider net to reach out to a larger number of people.
  • Organize your team into departments based on your sales reps’ specialization (language and location).
  • Assign leads based on predetermined lead routing rules.
  • Supports 42 countries with 14 languages available.

3. CallRail - Get an overview of the entire customer journey

CallRail is a call tracking and analytics software that provides in-depth insights into your inbound calls. It identifies online and offline campaigns, allowing you to attribute calls to its source.

This CallTrackingMetrics alternative has a unique feature called visitor timeline. It shows users every interaction a site visitor makes with your website. This includes the page where the visitor first enters your site, landing page, and the web page that drove the call.


Timeline showing how a visitor interacts with your website.


This reveals the customers’ intent and gives you insight into what your customers are looking for and how they found it. Essentially, it helps you identify the web pages that deliver a higher call volume.

Other CallRail features:

  • Spot trends and opportunities using conversational intelligence
  • Detailed marketing analytics to help users identify the best performing channels.
  • ‘Usage by Number’ Report that shows users which tracking numbers are performing and which are not.

4. ResponseTap - Generate revenue reports

ResponseTap is an intelligent call tracking software that helps businesses and call centers attribute their calls to specific marketing campaigns.

Call tracking software typically help businesses identify the best performing campaign to optimize their marketing efforts. However, many software only reveal information about call metrics. ResponseTap allows users to generate revenue reports.

Known as the Smart Match feature, the revenue reports generated gives users direct insight into which campaign is driving the most revenue.


Preview of ResponseTap’s call revenue report.


Other ResponseTap features:

  • Monitor all of your data through the dashboard and simply connect them to Google Analytics
  • You have unlimited access to your call data with its Lifetime access
  • Split the call recording between your leads and agent. Listen to identified patterns or keywords.
  • Prepare your agent with conversation topics suggestion based on your leads’ website journey.

5. Ringba - Gain detailed customer profiles

Ringba is a CallTrackingMetric alternative meant for enterprises. It is an inbound call tracking and analytics platform designed for marketers.

Their Instant Caller Profile can provide the user with highly detailed customer profiles. Users can obtain information such as the caller’s hobbies, lifestyle habits, and their purchasing power. Ringba utilizes this data to conduct predictive routing and connect businesses to leads with the highest purchase probability.


Ringba’s Instant Caller Profile can provide the user with highly detailed customer profiles.


Other Ringba features:

  • Connect your business with the right prospects by buying it using Real-time Call Ping Tree.
  • Display your brand with its customizable interface and domain with its White Label features.
  • Build an accurate call routing system based on keywords, location, or availability with IVR automated routing.

Which of these CallTrackingMetrics alternatives is best for you?

Let’s be fair, each software has its own specialties and features to match your business needs.

Here’s a quick overview of each product:

Call Tracking
Calendar Integration
Call Scheduling
Keyword Tracking
Multi-touch attribution
Widget triggers
Lead source



Hopefully, this guide was helpful in helping you decide whether or not CallTrackingMetrics is worth it.

While different software have different USPs, it’s always better to use software that come with complementary features that support the main feature you are paying for. In the case of Novocall, it is a holistic call management software with several other features that support its call tracking capabilities.

For more information on how Novocall can help improve your call tracking capabilities, get started today with our 14-day free trial!


JJ is the Co-Founder of Novocall. When he’s not busy building the Novocall brand, he spends his time watching crime shows and documentaries.

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