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Five9 is one of the most popular outbound call software in the market. But is it the one for you? We examine its features and compare them to other Five9 competitors to help you decide which one suits you best.
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Making outbound calls is essential to many businesses. It is NOT dead (as many have claimed).

Outbound calls add a human touch to your customer interactions and can improve the customer experience. It is also the preferred option if you have a complex product offering.

Whether it’s to generate leads or to provide customer support, it really helps to have an outbound call software to automate these processes.

While doing research on the best outbound call solution for your business, you might have come across Five9. But is it really worth it?

Join us as we discuss Five9 and 3 other competitors. 👇👇👇


What is Five9

Five9 is a cloud contact center software that automates inbound, outbound, and omnichannel calls for businesses to reach their leads and customers.

The contact center’s smart routing directs the right agent to the customer, and its integrations also improve organization workflows, such as providing customer data to your agents when calls come in.


What makes Five9 great

1. Variety of dialer modes

Five9’s outbound dialer interface.
Five9’s outbound dialer interface.

Five9 has multiple types of dialers. In addition to their automated power dialer, their software also comes with predictive, preview, and progressive dialers. This gives users more customizability and information for their call campaigns.

2. Automatic call distribution (ACD)

Five9’s automatic call distribution feature helps distribute incoming calls to call agents in real-time. Routing rules determine the most appropriate agent for the call. 😋

As a cloud-based solution, Five9 will route calls regardless if agents are across multiple physical locations or working from home.

3. Customer support

Although Five9 had poor reviews in the past for inadequate customer support, they have now improved and even offer 24/7 phone and online support. Most of the recent customer reviews were positive, but with some exceptions.

Five9 also offers a dedicated Technical Account Manager that can regularly address your business and campaign needs.

Not-so-great features of Five9

1. Lackluster user interface and user experience (UI/UX)

Reviews of Five9’s user interface issues
Customer reviews on Five9’s not user-friendly UI/UX. Source: TrustRadius

Five9’s interface is not as user-friendly as customers expected it to be. Some have expressed their inconvenience of spending time accessing basic information.

2. Complicated installation

Several customer reviews complained about Five9’s tedious set-up process.

Notably, such complaints were often from smaller businesses that didn’t need the complexity Five9 offers.

3. Poor experience in implementation

Customer reviews have cited problems when using Five9, such as the program crashing, network issues, and call quality.

Others felt that admins had to make even the smallest changes, whilst other changes could only be done through Five9’s customer support.

Of course, not all customers experience this. But it seems like a common thread among users who gave poor ratings.


After a comprehensive look at Five9, let us now look at other Five9 alternatives. 👀

Top Five9 competitors


ChaseData is a cloud-based call center solution that supports both inbound and outbound calls.
ChaseData is a cloud-based call center solution that supports both inbound and outbound calls.

Just like Five9, ChaseData is also a cloud-based call center solution that supports both inbound and outbound calls. It offers similar core features as Five9 for your call center needs.

With the option to also be deployed within the office premise, you can opt for whichever option that best fits your company size and business needs.

Great features

ChaseData has similar features to Five9. It also offers ACD, interactive voice response (IVR), and different dialer modes. In fact, it has two additional dialer modes, skill-based dialer and agentless dialer, which routes calls based on skill-level priority and sends pre-recorded messages respectively.

ChaseData’s Outbound call management page.
ChaseData’s Outbound call management page.

Many of their users also cited an easy-to-use interface, and no problems on installation surfaced. An improvement over Five9, yay! 🎉

Not-so-great features

While its reviews for customer support are mostly positive, some have cited that ChaseData’s customer support staff could use more training.

Also, some users reported occasional freezes on their screen while using ChaseData. 😐

macOS users have complained about ChaseData’s lack of compatibility and had to resort to dual-boots to use ChaseData on their macOS devices.

A handful of users also reported software updates during business hours, which affected their operations. 😫

If you can overlook these small problems, ChaseData’s merits still make it a worthwhile consideration.

What we think: Overall, we think that ChaseData has a similar offering to Five9, if you’re looking for an alternative call center solution. 📞💻


Novocall is a business phone system that supports call-driven lead generation.
Novocall is a business phone system that supports call-driven lead generation.

Novocall is a business phone system that supports call-driven lead generation. It supports both inbound and outbound call activities with its suite of call management features.

On top of that, it also offers integrations to improve workflows and analytics to oversee your campaigns such as Salesforce, Facebook, and Google Analytics.

Great features

Novocall’s auto dialer allows your sales reps to upload long lists of contacts and create automated cold calling campaigns.
Novocall’s auto dialer allows your sales reps to upload long lists of contacts and create automated cold calling campaigns.

Novocall’s automated outbound dialer speeds up the sales outreach process by creating automated cold calling campaigns. Simply upload a list of contacts and let the autodialer do the manual dialing for you.

Novocall’s auto dialer is highly customizable.
Novocall’s auto dialer is highly customizable.

Its auto dialer also offers customizable settings such as call recording and time between calls.

This allows your reps to decide how much time the software needs to wait before dialing the next number on the list. This is helpful when sales reps need more time to consolidate their notes from the previous call, or to simply mentally prepare themselves for the next one. 🤓

Novocall also offers a click-to-call widget to capture inbound leads from your website. Visitors can schedule a callback with you at their convenience. You can also route inbound calls to the right agent with Novocall’s lead distribution feature using several lead routing rules such as language, country, and department.

Another great point about Novocall? Its pricing. 💰

Smaller businesses take note.❗ Novocall’s plans are notably more affordable than the other software discussed.

Novocall’s reviews on its customer service were all positive, with many customers in conversation with developers for new features. (Seriously, customers are happy with us!)

Not-so-great features

Novocall does not offer a wide variety of dialer modes compared to Five9 or ChaseData.

But understanding your business needs will help you decide if you need a wide variety of dialer modes in the first place. Don’t pay for more than you need. ⛔


What we think: Novocall isn’t like the other call center solutions. If you’re looking for a well-rounded outbound call software for lead generation, Novocall is a good alternative.


RingCentral is a unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solution.
RingCentral is a unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solution.

You’ve probably heard of RingCentral. 😮

RingCentral is a unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solution that offers options for internal and external communication. It also offers its service on the cloud through web browsers, so it is accessible regardless of your physical location.

RingCentral supports analytics and reporting capabilities to help management optimize their sales agent’s schedules and training, while providing oversight on their performance. Out of their other product offerings, we will focus on their Contact Center product.

Great features

RingCentral’s outbound call management interface.
RingCentral’s outbound call management interface.

RingCentral offers similar dialer modes as Five9 for outbound calls. You can create scripts easily to assist your agents to improve their conversations. 👌

RingCentral’s inbound calls also allow for skill-based routing as an ACD to direct calls to the appropriate agent.

Not-so-great features

Negative reviews of RingCentral often cite frustrations with their customer service. Seems like many love the product, but can’t stand the customer service.

If you’re only looking for an outbound call software, then RingCentral’s pricing may also be too high for you. This is a common thread among customer reviews, even in the 5-star ratings. 😕

You’ll need to ask for a quote for the Contact Center product for inbound and outbound calls.

What we think: RingCentral offers a wider suite of services, including outbound calls. Their pricing may be a deterrent to you.

Features comparison

Comparison table of Five9’s competitors


We hope that we’ve provided you with an in-depth comparison of the different Five9 competitors! 😁

Five9 is a great call center software in its own right. With a variety of dialer modes, ACD, and inbound call distribution capabilities, it’s great for any business that wants to start its own virtual call center.

If you’re more about capturing inbound leads and driving them to schedule a call with you, Novocall does just that for you. It even gives you oversight of all your call-related processes!

To find out more about how Novocall can support your business, get started with our 14-day free trial today!

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