How do different industries use lead distribution systems (Education, Finance, Real Estate)?

We explore how lead distribution solutions can be used by businesses across 5 different industries and specific business functions.
Faye Chong
Faye Chong

Digital Marketing Executive

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Businesses that use at least one automated distribution method experience an 87% higher conversion rate as compared to businesses who choose to manually distribute leads.

Lead distribution software automatically distributes leads to the most appropriate sales reps, which helps to reduce lead response time.

That’s because you’re 9 times more likely to convert leads if you follow up with them within 5 minutes.

But you might wonder if lead distribution software is right for businesses in your industry.

In this article, we discuss how different industries and business functions can use lead distribution solutions.


Use cases across different industries

1. Education Industry

A good education is key to a good future. That’s why prospective students and their parents often want to reach out to staff to have their inquiries answered.

But dealing with large volumes of calls can be overwhelming. This can even result in leads being lost as they were put on hold for too long and ended the call before being connected to your staff.

Educational institutions can use lead distribution software as follows:

  • Distribute prospective students to specific departments to have their questions answered by relevant reps.
  • Distribution can be done based on predetermined criteria such as subject, subject grades, and even preference for class timing (morning, afternoon or evening).
  • Students will be connected with a rep who is most suited to address their specific needs.
  • Automatically direct students to staff who are available to prevent any missed lost leads.

2. Financial services

Financial companies often use technical jargon to explain their already complex administrative processes, products, and services.

This not only makes purchase decisions incredibly difficult but also makes it hard to understand the products and services themselves. Most of the time, potential clients are left with more questions than answers.

Calls will often need to be made with financial advisors so that customers can clear their doubts and make informed decisions.

Finance companies can use lead distribution software as follows:

  • Automatically distribute leads to advisors who are immediately available to engage with the lead.
  • Route leads to the right financial advisors who can solve their problems effectively.
  • Gather feedback after the call to assess the advisors’ performance.

3. Real estate industry

Real estate businesses rely heavily on phone calls.

Purchasing a home is such an important and personal matter to people and they wouldn’t want to take any chances with it. This is why they often prefer to talk to an agent over the phone to address their queries.

Real estate agents also have to deal with multiple prospects and clients who expect them to be their advisors throughout the entire buying process.

Real estate businesses can use lead distribution software as follows:

  • Match leads to the appropriate realtors based predetermined routing rules such as the location of the property.
  • Assign leads to real estate agents who are available to ensure no leads are missed.
  • Feedback capture allows real estate businesses to keep track of their leads and agents.
  • Detailed reporting and analytics help businesses to identify high performing housing estates and capitalize on those areas.

4. Travel and hospitality industry

Customers often reach out to hotels and travel agencies regarding tour packages and accommodation options.

When you’re spending this much money on vacation, you want to be sure that you are spending it wisely on the right package. Because of this, travelers tend to contact travel agencies and hospitality companies via live chat, email, or phone calls.

Travel and hospitality companies can use lead distribution software as follows:

  • Distribute leads to agents that have the expertise to answer their questions.
  • Reduce language barrier hiccups as leads can be routed to agents who are proficient in that language to attend to them.
  • Quickly close the deal by routing to relevant agents and issuing the first invoice before customers reach out to competitors.
  • Create a seamless customer journey by distributing leads to available agents, reducing missed calls.

5. Healthcare industry

For the most part, healthcare organizations have been relying on phone calls to schedule appointments, follow up with patients, and even communicate with other doctors. Even though most of these processes can now be done online, many still prefer to directly contact healthcare providers to enquire and book appointments.

Healthcare providers can use lead distribution software as follows:

  • Route new and existing patients accordingly to better manage their appointment bookings or schedule follow-ups respectively.
  • Automatically distribute incoming appointments and inquiries based on location, conditions, preferences, and past medical history.
  • Ensure that there is no lead leakage by routing calls to administrative staff who are available at that time to attend to the patient.

How lead distribution software can be used within company departments

1. Marketing teams

Traditionally, marketing teams would have to hand over qualified leads that were led to your website via inbound campaigns.

The sales team would then have to sort out these leads manually to match each lead to the right sales rep. If the handover and manual distribution were done badly, you will end up with lost or mismatched leads.

Marketing teams can use lead distribution software as follows:

  • Set predetermined routing rules to distribute leads to the right sales rep.
  • Reduce the occurrence of lead mismatch to prevent an unpleasant customer experience for your leads.

2. Sales teams

There are still companies out there that rely on manual lead distribution to assign leads to sales reps. This slows down your entire sales process.

The longer your leads wait, the higher the chances of them going to your competitor instead of purchasing your product or service.

Sales teams can use lead distribution software as follows:

  • Distribute leads based on predefined criteria to automatically match the leads to the appropriate sales rep.
  • Route leads to sales reps who are available to engage with the lead.
  • Lead distribution software often come with a feedback capturing feature for your reps to record useful information about the lead. This helps you tailor your customer service.

3. Customer success

Your Customer Success team is responsible for taking care of your leads’ needs once your Sales team has handed them over.

Sometimes, your Customer Success reps are the ones who actually close the deal. It is essential that they are provided in-depth insights into the lead’s preferences and needs to provide a personalized experience.

Customer Success teams can use lead distribution software as follows:

  • Access useful information about your leads left behind by your sales reps in the feedback capture forms.
  • Provide a customized customer experience for your leads based on the information recorded.

Lead distribution automates processes

As you can see, lead distribution software can benefit a whole range of industries and business functions.

By using its lead distribution feature, like the one Novocall, provides you, you can distribute leads to reps based on several predefined criteria.

This ensures that only the relevant reps attend to your leads. On top of that, the round robin algorithm routes leads based on reps’ availability, so you never miss a lead.

Now that you’re aware of how lead distribution benefits various industries, let’s look at the competitors out there!

To help you in your decision-making process, we’ve compiled a list of other lead distribution software you can check out.


Faye is a digital marketing executive at Novocall. When she’s not busy writing articles for Novocall’s blog, she spends her time baking and playing with her dogs.

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