The 10 Best Books On Cold Calling Techniques

Studying books can be a great way to learn the most comprehensive topics on any subject. Let's discuss the 10 best cold calling books to ace your next call!
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It’s no secret that cold calling is one of the oldest outbound lead generation strategies, yet it is still the most effective for many businesses. 

But cold calling is a rock subject, and you won’t get it right so easily. It takes more than effort to succeed — you have to master every facet to get the expected results. 

The good news is, statistics show that over 80% percent of prospects has accepted a cold call. It’s also noteworthy that 69% of them will probably schedule a meeting with you after the call.

If you are just starting or simply need a refresher with flairs of advanced techniques to ace your next cold call, check out these 10 best cold calling books and watch your performance soar.


💡 P.S. if you’re not that into reading or just want additional resources, check out our list of the best cold calling podcasts

1. Power Phone Scripts

Power Phone Scripts: 500 Word-for-Word Questions, Phrases, and Conversations to Open and Close More Sales

Within this book, you will learn how to connect purposely and have considerable discussions with your prospects.

Power Phone Scripts share the specific strategies, word-for-word scripts, phrases, and questions you can use today.

You’ll learn how to combat resistance. You will learn how to get past the gatekeepers and over to the decision-makers. You’ll learn how to never get blown up when you get a chance. 

Unlike others, Power Phone Scripts provide unmatched scripts for your next call. 

If you need a comprehensive guide with practical tips to conquer all your cold calling concerns, boost your confidence, and achieve winning stats, this book is definitely for you!

Mike Brooks is the author of this book, and he is referred to as Mr. Inside Sales. He is a master phone scriptwriter and author of The Ultimate Book of Phone Scripts.

🔑 Key cold calling concepts you can learn from the book:

  • Time-tested word-for-word scripts 
  • Rebuttals to recurring objections 
  • The right qualifying questions 

2. The Secrets to Cold Call Success

Close More Business in Less Time Than Ever Before

Cold calling is a strategy, and The Secret to a Call Success is a comprehensive guide to help you master cold calling

From cover to cover, Paul Neuberger demonstrates his expertise on the subject. His Cold Calling University program has helped thousands of students around the world, which shows that his concepts are widely applicable and valuable. 

If you find that making progress is a challenge, this book will be valuable for you. The book aims to help you get the right clients and connect with them meaningfully. 

The in-depth sales psychology presented in the book is the most valuable game-changing method you can use to deliver the best results from your calls. Savor the cold calling wisdom shared in this book and see how your business grows or how your income skyrockets. 

🔑 Key cold calling concepts you can learn from the book:

  • Five building blocks of crafting a perfect cold call script 
  • Strategies to approach selling 
  • How to close more business in less time

3. Outbound Sales, No Fluff

Written by two millennials who have actually sold something this decade.

Another best cold calling book is Outbound Sales by Rex Biberston. For just one subject, this book excels in getting success after objections.

This book is a perfect fit for those who are just joining the industry as it covers all the sales fundamentals with actionable steps you can use immediately.

As long as you keep prospecting, you will receive objections no matter who you are or how many years of experience you’ve had. That’s why Rex wrote this guide to kick-start your business or career with simple steps to overcome them.

This book is a wonderful guide with powerful insights that work with today’s buyers. It covers topics that vary from the science of resistance to persuasion techniques, psychology of influence, and turn-around frameworks.

As you dive into the chapters of this book, your confidence in making effective cold calls will increase. When you make more calls with confidence, your income improves significantly.

🔑 Key cold calling concepts you can learn from the book:

4. Smart Calling

Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection from Cold Calling

Do you want to eliminate fear and anxiety from cold calling? That’s exactly what Art Sobczak promises you in the second edition of his book, Smart Calling.

Sobczak understands the discomforts associated with phone call prospecting and how to deal with it properly. The whole book is the foundation of everything you will need to take control of your calling to get more ‘yes’s from your prospects. 

The actionable tips and techniques, multiple case studies, and new methodologies make the book a comprehensive go-to for powerful smart calling insights.

Check out this sales book for cold calling to minimize your fears and eliminate rejection from your cold calls. You’ll become a master of taking a no and turning it into a yes.

🔑 Key cold calling concepts you can learn from the book:

  • How to gather intelligence to make your calls smart
  • How to perfect your opening statement
  • How to minimize resistance

5. The Lost Art of Cold Calling

Turning the Tide with a Conversation

The Lost Art of Cold Calling is among the best books on cold calling techniques that you’ll ever read. If you rely on outbound efforts to drive sales, cold calling can be vital for your business’ success.

Cold calling could be a lost art that new technology could have replaced. However, this skill is renewed through revolutionary insights in this powerful book. 

Matt Wanty is a highly accomplished salesman who understands the real reasons why it’s easy to fail at cold calling. He shares valuable information on how you can supercharge your outreach efforts for maximum effectiveness. 

🔑 Key cold calling concepts you can learn from the book:

  • Effective objections handling tactics like Education Trumps Objections
  • Your company’s True Value Proposition 
  • Proven tactics: the Quick Chat, the Opportunity Knocks, and the Pretty Please. 

6. Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling

Every time you call your prospects, you may not know much about them or their issues and interests. This is what makes such calls cold, and it means you have to show your credibility in every call.

That is why cold calling is hard! But what if you Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling? Sam Richter explains how you can do it in this book to turn your calls warmer

Each section in the book focuses on making you successful in cold calling in ways no one else has talked about. You will learn how to find information about your prospects, and how you can use it to create meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with your clients. 

Knowing who your prospects are and what they want or need will win you more businesses while creating deeper relationships with them. Sam Richter packed his powerful insights into this book through a step-by-step process with real examples. 

🔑 Key cold calling concepts from the book:

  • Using the invisible web and the amazingly powerful sales intelligence engines to discover valuable customer information 
  • The theory of the Fourth R to create massive credibility 
  • Expert Warm Call Scripts to make great first impressions with prospects

7. Agile Selling

Get Up to Speed Quickly in Today’s Ever-Changing Sales World

A rapidly changing world requires agility to succeed, hence, to have a successful sales career, you need to be an agile seller. Jill Konrath explains the importance of learning faster and how to always keep yourself at the top no matter the changes over time.

Agile Selling is another one of the best sales books for cold calling. It is ideal for people who are afraid of future possibilities for their sales jobs. It also includes those who feel the need to learn complex information under pressure.

When you are promoted, switch jobs, or face new business conditions, you may need to learn a lot of new information and skills. It can be daunting because you may be under intense pressure to deliver immediate results.

The book explains what Jill calls Agile Selling, how to have an agile mindset, and how to establish a rapid-learning plan for your business in a shorter period. 

You may have seen the buzz that cold calling is dead, yet you know how it can still be valuable for your business. Right? 

This book will be a good read for you. You will discover numerous sales strategies, practical advice, and proficiency in dealing with today’s clients.

🔑 Key cold calling concepts from the book:

  • Situational credibility 
  • Gamification strategies and techniques 
  • How to uncover reasons why prospects are not buying

8. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Cold Calling

If you’re new to the sales field, The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Cold Calling is a great place to start. It’ll also be a perfect fit for you even if you’ve been in the field for a long time and want to brush up on your skills.

It’s a book that champions the idea of having quality interactions with clients through a comfortable prospecting system to generate a huge number of conversions consistently. 

This cold calling book starts by focusing on the most important initial efforts — how to get in front of the right prospects. Followed by the exact strategies for landing more opportunities to maximize the potential of your cold calls.

The author, Keith Rosen, promises that you can cold call without pressure, fear, or anxiety in this book. Understanding its concepts will ensure a great boost in your income and create more selling opportunities for you.

🔑 Key cold calling concepts you can learn from the book:

  • 7 steps to a permission-based cold calling conversation
  • Creating an MVP (Most Valuable Proposition) 
  • Developing a personalized step-by-step prospecting system

9. Cold Calling

The Ultimate Sales Guide for Shy People

In his new sales book for cold calling, Connors demonstrates his deep understanding of the sales cycle, phone conversations, and effective answers to questions on cold calling. 

From how to source credible leads to more phone call conversions, Cold Calling is a good book to equip yourself with the necessary sales skills.

Are you worried about how to handle the gatekeepers? Or about asking the right questions? Is it about getting instant answers to the most challenging cold calling concerns?

If you’re concerned with the questions mentioned above (and more), this book will serve as your best cold calling book to ace your next call. 

Connors points out that cold calling is necessary to hit your target prospect list to progress in your business, and that’s why you need these skills now. And cold calling is indeed transformational when it’s done right. 

🔑 Key cold calling concepts you can learn from the book:

  • The rules of the game 
  • The absolutes of cold calling 
  • Developing top-notch scripts

10. Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!)

It takes years of dedication to learn from experience the nuts and bolts of sales. And that’s exactly what Stephan Schiffman shares in his book, Cold Calling Techniques, and insights worth over 30 years of his experience in sales and corporate training. 

In this new comprehensive book, Stephan Schiffman teaches how to understand the clients’ needs, meet their demands, and overcome common objections to improve conversions. 

Ace with these valuable insights presented in this sales book on cold calling techniques that really work. Learn how to present your offers effectively, how to refine your voicemail messages, and how to overcome common objections.

Schiffman further teaches you how to turn on interest, how to present yourself as a professional, and how to stay professional in your conversation with prospects. These powerful techniques aim to improve your performance and get more meetings through cold calling.

🔑 Key cold calling concepts you can learn from the book:

  • How to stir interest for your products or services 
  • How to extend your phone prospecting conversations
  • How to be and stay professional 

Which cold calling book are you reading next?

Cold calling is a tough skill to master. But even so, exploring the best cold calling books to ace your next call is a powerful way to get a grip on it faster.

A book often acts as a guide that takes you through comprehensive topics of hard facts that has been gathered for years. 

By picking up one of the best sales books on cold calling techniques, you are instantly given a chance to learn within days what the writer perhaps took years to learn.

In this article, you have got a chance to analyze some of these books. We hope that you enjoyed it!

Cold calling can be quite tiresome even if you have mastered your skills perfectly. Staying pro could mean that you should consider a system that manages your contacts, automates your cold calls, and provides you with important tracking info. 

If you want such a system, check out Novocall to see how it can help you today.

Benard Kiplangat
Benard Kiplangat

Ben is a content writer at Novocall.

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