Cold Calling Podcasts For People Who Don't Like To Read

If you dislike reading, you’re not alone! That’s why we’ve compiled the 12 best cold calling podcasts that will be a great alternative for learning new skills.
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While cold calling remains a tough outbound lead generation strategy, it remains an effective way to reach and engage your prospects into customers.

After all, it’s hard to deny when so many of the numbers clearly show that cold calling is still very much generating qualified leads

Then again, cold calling isn’t easy and requires lots of practice and patience. That’s why many SDRs turn to cold calling books to pick up some tips and tricks from the seasoned pros. 

But, if you aren’t a fan of reading (I can relate to that), or simply find the thousands of words daunting, fret not!

We’ve compiled a list of the best cold calling podcasts that you can listen to anywhere.


1. The Advanced Selling Podcast

The Advanced Selling Podcast is ideal for entrepreneurs, salespersons, managers, and reps who want to learn the best lead generation tips from professionals.

Bill and Bryan are the hosts of the podcast and have recorded over 700 podcasts since 2009. Bryan is a B2B sales trainer and NFL referee, while Bill is a professional speaker, coach, and author. Both have been working with B2B sales groups and executives for over 20 years. 

To master the art of cold calling, you need to learn how to prospect in ways known to work. You need to understand the psychology of dealing with prospects in the sales space, sales communication, buyer resistance, and customer pain points.

The Advanced Selling Podcast will teach you a lot about the right sales processes, attracting and keeping the right leads, and how to shift the way you think about cold calling and sales. 

The dominant theme that the podcast teaches about succeeding in cold calling is that you should communicate values and resolve objections.

🎙 Here are a few episodes on cold calling from the podcast:

2. The Sales Evangelist

The Sales Evangelist podcast is a perfect fit if you are looking for one that specializes in SaaS and B2B lead generation tips for your business.

Every episode in the podcast is so passionately presented that it would be hard not to become excited when listening to them. 

The host, Donald C. Kelly, invites a wide range of experts like sales professionals, successful entrepreneurs, and marketing veterans. He invites guests like Jeffrey Gitomer, Jill Konrath, and Guy Kawasaki to share their inspirational stories and insights. 

His passion for the matter comes through as he interviews his guests. He is surely an evangelist, who has a genuine interest in sales.

The Sales Evangelist has an excellent collection of the best cold calling episodes you can listen to while driving to work. 

Not everyone likes cold calling, and not everyone can excel in it. However, if you follow the insights from the podcast, you get a renewed interest, and the chances of you succeeding will soar higher.

🎙 Here are a few episodes on cold calling from the podcast:

3. Sales Enablement with Andy Paul

With over 1,000 episodes of in-depth conversations with the most exciting B2B sales and marketing leaders in the business, the Sales Enablement podcast with Andy Paul is among the best to learn almost everything about sales.

Host Andy Paul is a B2B sales and management expert and the author of two award-winning books. He is ranked #8 on the Top Global Sales Expert list on LinkedIn, and his new book, Selling without Selling Out, is out.

You will find exclusive cold calling tips and other sales growth strategies to supercharge your cold calling efforts in this podcast. There are a lot of great practical takeaways with each new episode, so it’s definitely worth checking out this podcast. 

Sales Enablement with Andy Paul was formerly known as Accelerate! Accelerate was acquired by in 2020.

🎙 Here are a few episodes on cold calling from the podcast:

4. The Art of Sales with Art Sobczak

To sell without feeling sleazy is not easy. But with Art Sobczak’s Art of Sales Podcast, you have a chance to learn the proven sales and cold calling tips that feel comfortable to use.

Art Sobczak shares unique insights on how to genuinely help people get what they want without feeling that they are being pushed.

Whether you are looking to analyze the mistakes of other cold callers or get practical tips on the subject, this podcast is a perfect fit.

Art Sobczak envisions that his podcasts and educational materials will help you learn to sell yourself and your products.

With over 30 years of teaching all about sales, his podcast includes distilled knowledge that will take your cold calling skills to the next level, thus helping you achieve your desired results.

🎙 Here are a few episodes on cold calling from the podcast:

5. Sales Prospecting School

Hosted by John and Ted Stevenson, the Sales Prospecting School podcast is relatively new and covers more on cold calling, email marketing, SEO, and more.

Their weekly podcasts include chunks of in-depth discussions to help you entangle the obscurity of sales prospecting and start generating more quality leads.

If you want to learn more about cold calling, learn from the experts who share the exact tips and tricks they use themselves.

🎙 Here are a few episodes on cold calling from the podcast:

6. In-Between Sales Calls

If you are looking for compact sales call lessons to help you become a top-performing salesperson, the In-Between Sales Calls podcast is there for you.

Hosted by Derek Shebby, learn the success habits you can apply today. The podcast discusses sales productivity hacks, prospecting tips, sales strategies, and many other topics.

There are a lot of expectations for more impactful episodes to come, and you should be on the watch out to be the first to check out. 

🎙Here’s an episode on cold calling from the podcast:

7. Stay Paid - A Sales and Marketing Podcast

Hosted by Luke Acree and Josh Stike, the Stay Paid podcast shares actionable sales and marketing advice with its listeners. The topics shared vary from cold calling and digital marketing, to door knocking, social media tactics, and building successful businesses. 

Guests for the Stay Paid Podcast come from different fields. From top professionals in finance, real estate, and insurance, the guests are interviewed with a single aim: to share the tangible steps they took to grow your business.

This podcast has many episodes that tackle the art of cold calling. Check them out to make the most of their precious knowledge and Stay Paid!

🎙 Here are a few episodes on cold calling from the podcast:

8. In the Sales Arena

In the Sales Arena podcast provides real-world strategies, tactics, and sales skills to help you get top sales tips, mindset shifts, and sales motivations.

The host, Jim Jacobus, has spent the last 20 years  (and counting) designing, developing, and delivering sales and sales management programs for IBM, XEROX, and many others.

He shares his best knowledge about sales from his vast experience working with outstanding sales teams.

Whether you are a manager, sales rep, or entrepreneur, the concepts of the podcast are widely applicable. Jacobus’ philosophy on sales techniques is that success does not rely much on hard skills — the mental and emotional aspects also matter.

🎙 Here are a few episodes on cold calling from the podcast:

9. The Brutal Truth about Sales and Selling

Are you looking to analyze the best selling methods to focus on the most productive strategies before anything else in the B2B sales space? 

The Brutal Truth podcast shares just that. From the new and old sales processes, each episode from the podcast shares no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point insights about sales and selling.

It is not about making more cold calls or working harder and harder to become successful. With the Maverick Selling Method, you can learn what successful salespeople do differently. 

While the podcast is ideal for sales managers looking to improve their company’s top sales methodologies, it is also fit for sales reps, entrepreneurs, and other marketing people to succeed in prospecting.

🎙 Here are a few episodes on cold calling from the podcast:

10. Cold Call Hero

Are you looking for real recorded calls and stories to get brutally honest insights into the world of a salesperson?

The Cold Call Hero podcast has got you covered.

Sales professional Daniel Hill records, plays, and dissects real-life cold calls for you to master the skill for your success.

You will learn how to discover new leads, the ins and outs of prospecting, schedule demos, and win the game of sales through cold calling. 

Whether you’re new to sales or you’ve been in the field for some time, this podcast will help you make better cold calls. 

🎙 Here are a few episodes on cold calling from the podcast:

11. The Sales Hacker Podcast

From simple prospecting ideas to complex sales strategies, this podcast will help you turn strangers into customers.

The Sales Hacker Podcast is the smartest community of B2B sales professionals committed to supporting and equipping one another on the journey to the top while elevating the profession.

This podcast has the sole purpose of helping you learn and share the strategies that work today. It is a dedicated community podcast where you can work with others to solve your unique challenges, get answers to questions you could never get elsewhere, and learn the current and working cold calling strategies from other sales professionals.

🎙 Here’s an episode on cold calling from the podcast:

12. Selling With Soul

The Selling With Soul podcast is dedicated to sharing top-notch business strategies to help you grow your sales.

The podcast shares everything you need to know about sales and revenue growth strategies. 

If you want to scale your business through outbound lead generation, the Selling With Soul podcast is for you. 

The podcast seeks to equip every business with the ability to authentically and consistently sell through masterclasses and expert interviews. 

Even though the host, Meredith Messenger, specializes in helping female entrepreneurs and sales reps, the concepts presented are great for anyone. 

🎙 Here are a few episodes on cold calling from the podcast:


There you have it, the 12 best cold calling podcasts. You can listen to any of them while driving to work, doing household chores, or when you’re having dinner alone. You can savor their insights distilled from top professionals, as well as new experts who come to the field with new and exciting experiences.

While there are evergreen insights about cold calling that keep working, new strategies keep emerging as customer behavior is constantly changing. Be sure to check out the latest episodes from all these podcasts to equip yourself with better skills for success.

We hope that there is at least one podcast in this list that resonated the most with you! 🙂

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