8 Examples & Tips For The Perfect Cold Call Script

Mastering the perfect cold call is tough, but it’s not impossible. Find out how you can craft the perfect cold calling script and steal some pre-made templates!
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Cold calling is one of the best ways to generate leads for your business. It’s been used for years now, but it’s still a skill that’s tricky to get right. You want to be able to make the very best first impression, and show the potential client just why they should do business with you.

One of the keys to cold calling success is to create a script that you can use when making cold calls. With the right script, you’ll make a lasting good impression.

Here are 9 tips on how to wow your call list and start growing your business 👇


Write different cold call scripts

No two customers are the same, so your script should cater to different prospects and their needs. 

While you’re not going to be writing a different script for every single person you call, you’ll need different scripts depending on the circumstance of your call.

Here are some things you should keep in mind when writing your scripts:

  • If its the initial call or a follow-up call 
  • The industry your prospect is in — this determines how you should pitch to them and what their pain points are
  • The stage of the customer journey your prospect is in
  • The end goal of your cold call

Here are some cold call script examples:

Tips for the perfect cold call script

Tips for the perfect cold call script

Get to know your call list

There are many different ways to obtain a cold call list. Whether your supervisor handed you the list, or you compiled them on your own, take the time to study the list and the people on it.

Before calling, ensure that you have all the right details about the prospect.

For example, check how you pronounce their name, what their job position is, and what that means in the wider scope of their company. If you know all this, then you’re going to be able to start off on the right foot.

For example, you might be calling someone who has been a member of your company’s perks system. Therefore, you can address their commitment to the company when writing your cold call script:

Tips for the perfect cold call script

Get the right tone

This is something you really want to get right in your scripts. 

As a salesperson, it’s so easy to go into autopilot and start trying to sell without even thinking about the tone you’re using. This can often come across as pushy without you meaning for it to be.

This can come off as hard selling, which is definitely not the approach you want to go for. 

As such, you’ll want to ensure you come off as friendly and casual, which is basically using the soft selling approach. Avoid using jargon or complicated words and phrases in your script and ensure that the prospect understands you. For example, you could open a script like this:

Tips for the perfect cold call script

Be sure to introduce yourself

The way you open a cold call is crucial. You want the prospect to be open to listening to you, so you’ve got to start off on the right foot (and you only have a few seconds to do so). 

One of the best ways of doing that is to introduce yourself. After all, no one wants to talk to someone they know nothing about. 

The best way to do this is simply to state your name and where you’re from. Here’s an example:

Tips for the perfect cold call script

This works well, because you’re showing who you are, and what your business does. That helps the prospect see how your business can relate to them and their needs.

Ask open-ended questions

In the previous example of how to open a cold call, you saw that the caller asked a question about the prospect’s current security. This is an important part of the call, as you want to get them talking. 

If you’re asking an open-ended question, you’re creating a conversation. This makes it harder for prospects to simply say ‘no’.

There are several ways you can phrase this initial question. For example, you can ask “Do you feel there’s room for improvement with your current setup?”. When you ask these questions, you’re getting the prospect to think about what they currently have and how they can possibly improve it.

You can keep asking questions throughout the call too. The key is to not ask closed questions that only give you a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. You want the prospect to talk about themselves and their current needs. When they do this, you’ll have more information to help achieve your goal.

For example, you can ask questions like, “Where do you see your sector in three years?” or “What’s the best outcome you can imagine?

Now, let’s incorporate that in a cold call script, like this one:

Tips for the perfect cold call script

Be clear about why you're calling

One of the most important things you can do when making a cold call is to be straightforward. You want to show the prospect that you’re honest and offer them a real product or service. 

Many people are more aware of scams or just pushy salespeople, and they will be wary if you’re not upfront about what you want.

Simply telling them why you’re calling shows you’re credible, you’re not trying to scam them, and that you’re confident in what you’re offering. This goes a long way towards getting the prospect to agree to your end goal.

For example, you could say the following:

Tips for the perfect cold call script

This example tells the prospect what you’re looking for, as well as showing them how your product has benefited others. Being upfront also keeps calls short and to the point. That allows you to get to your goal quicker, and not take up too much of the prospect’s time.

Focus on the pain points

As you’re selling your product, you want to show your prospect just how your product can add value to their business.

As such, focus on the pain points that they’re experiencing right now without using your service. This is something that you can find out as you ask questions or do thorough research.

For example, if they’re hesitant about using your product or service because of their tight budget, you can offer some incentives or an alternative. 

Here’s an example of a script:

Tips for the perfect cold call script

Focus on the task at hand

As you’re looking to sell your product or service, it’s easy to start trying to talk up everything about it. However, that’s not the best way to go about it in a cold call. You don’t have a lot of time, and you want to get to the next stage of the process.

Remember the goal that you set out for yourself at the beginning. You’re not looking to make the sale then and there. Instead, you may be looking to schedule a meeting with the prospect. Make sure you’re focusing on getting that scheduled, and you’ll be able to take the next step once you’re in that meeting.

When scheduling a meeting, you’ll want to show the prospect why they want to do that. Perhaps it’ll help them learn more about the service, help them find the best solution, or just have an in-depth conversation about what you can offer them.

Here’s what you’ll need to have in your script:

Tips for the perfect cold call script

The script tells the call recipient that you’re focused on the task at hand, and you’re willing to listen to what they have to say.

Be prepared for rejection

Even though you’ve done everything in your power to steer the conversation, there are many times when you’ll get rejected. That doesn’t mean that you’ve necessarily done something wrong, it just sometimes gives you an extra hurdle to clear.

If someone does say no, don’t be afraid to ask them one more question. For example, “Is there a better time for me to call you?” or “Is there another issue our company could help you solve?” If they answer in the affirmative, then you can still make the call a successful one.

Even if their answer remains a firm ‘no’, the call isn’t wasted. You’ve got useful data from that question you asked, and also about the prospect. With this data at your fingertips, you can update your scripts, prepare answers to common objections, so you’ll be able to offer an even better deal to the next prospect on your list.

Here’s what your script can have when you have a rejection:

Tips for the perfect cold call script

Wrapping up

As you can see, there’s a lot to think about when making a cold call, but you don’t have to worry about keeping everything in place when you have a good script. 

At the end of the day, learn to adapt to the conversation and have fun during the process! Scripts, while important, aren’t necessary. They simply act as a checklist to make sure you cover all the important points. 

If you know you need a script, follow these simple tips to craft the perfect cold calling script to ace your cold calls! 

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