These Conference Call Script Samples Actually Work

Conference calls can be chaotic and awkward — but not with the right preparation! Here are 8 conference call script samples you can steal!
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Even the most focused outbound calls can turn into chaos if not structured properly — let alone conference calls with 100 other people.  

With participants talking over each other, the nuisance of controlling who to speak next, and the awkwardness of dealing with the disagreements in the call can make it daunting. 

However, with thorough preparation, you can get through conference calls like a breeze!

Let’s take a look at 8 conference call script samples to help you steer your next conference call like a professional. 


The best conference call script structure

Before we dive deeper into the sample call scripts, here is the structure that most conference calls should have:

  • A concise opening and brief introduction of yourself (the speaker)
  • The reason(s) for the conference call, covered briefly
  • Some background information about the conference call
  • The main presentation
  • Some time for discussion (if necessary)
  • A Q&A session
  • The closing remarks

Having a clear structure of how the conference call will proceed will help you and your audience set an expectation of what to expect. This will also keep them engaged throughout the call knowing what’s in it for them. 

Conference call scripts for the perfect introductions

Starting the call on the right foot is what will almost always ensure a successful conference call. Having an engaging opening, while still keeping it clear and concise, will set the tone for what’s to come.

An introduction can be as straightforward or complex depending on several factors, like the number of participants, the nature of your call, or the call’s purpose.

For a few participants

This script is ideal for small meetings where you probably know your participants and are familiar with their names, something like internal department conferences or sales kickoffs. 

When you have such few participants on the call, keeping it personal can engage with your audience even more. That said, address your attendees before you proceed with the main presentation.

Here’s a script you can use:

Use this conference call script sample for a few participants

For many participants

If you’re hosting a huge conference with many participants, it’ll be impossible to address everyone by their name — this will just take too long and you don’t want to waste everyone’s time. 

Simply acknowledge everyone on the call and introduce the key speakers (if applicable). Also, since it’s such a big call, your introduction should also cover relevant details at the start of the call, such as your legal disclosures, guidance about recording the calls, safe harbor statements, or your privacy policies.

Here’s a script you can use:

Use this conference call script sample for many participants

Conference call script to explain the call’s purpose

After the introductions, it’s good practice to summarize the purpose of the conference call. State the key points that will be covered in your discussion, like a verbal content page. It’ll be even better if you prepare some slides for your audience. 

Here’s a script you can use:

Use this conference call script sample to explain the call's purpose

Conference call script for steering great discussions

More often than not, discussions during conference calls can go in the wrong direction because of poor coordination.

It’s important to know the speaking order and how to control the flow of the conversation as it unfolds during the call session. Topics may arise that you did not plan for, participants might argue, or two or three people talk over each other.

The key here is to be clear in asking your questions and acknowledging their comments before moving to the next participant.

Also, genuinely appreciate the input of every member so they feel that their voice is heard and valued. You can rephrase their points to make them know you are listening.

Here’s a script you can use:

Use this conference call script sample for steering great discussions

Conference call scripts to bring a participant back to topic

Oftentimes, because there’s an open discussion, participants might go off the topic of the conference call. 

If you feel that a participant is deviating, don’t panic. Simply remind them politely to focus on the main point at hand.

Here are some scripts you can use:

Use this conference call script sample to bring participants back to the topic

Use this conference call script sample to bring participants back to the topic

Conference call scripts for Q&A sessions

If your conference call features a Q&A session to engage participants, you need to equip yourself with better conference call management skills to handle the sessions effectively.

Here’s what you should equip yourself with to lead a Q&A session successfully:

  • Have a system for letting participants have their turn. You can do this by allocating the numbers to dial, or you can follow a pre-defined order.
  • Set up and enforce restrictions on time for each question, the number of questions per participant, or who should ask and who should not ask questions.
  • Have a system to follow up with participants who do not have time to ask questions. 
  • Thank all the participants and acknowledge their efforts or show them how they can still ask the questions after the call. 
  • Have a way to identify participants in the queue, for example, the name of the person and an identifier like location, or a unique username.

Here’s a script you can use:

Use this conference call script sample for Q&A sessions

Conference call scripts for an effective conclusion

After the main session concludes, it’s wise to wrap up your call with style. Before you end the call, share any information about follow-ups or a possible post-Q&A session. 

Be sure to include a call to action if it is relevant or necessary. 

You’ll most likely want to follow up with a phone call, email, fax, or memo to get feedback on the call, share relevant details that you promised during the call, or confirm the decisions made and actions to be taken after the call.

You can also use the feedback that the participants shared with you to improve on your next conference call.

Finally, do not forget to thank all the participants for their time and contribution.  

Here’s a script you can use:

Use this conference call script sample for an effective conclusion


A successful conference call comes from an effective structure of your calls and thorough preparation. And following these sample conference call scripts that actually work will bring you one step closer to hosting the perfect conference call!

For more of such templates and scripts, check out our blog

Benard Kiplangat
Benard Kiplangat

Ben is a content writer at Novocall.

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