6 Cold Call Voicemail Templates and Tips To Get You That Callback

Want to craft a highly intriguing sales call voicemail script? Well, in this article we dive deeper into the 6 best cold call voicemail templates you should use
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Cold calling remains one of the most rewarding outbound lead generation strategies. However, statistics reveal that your sales calls often reach your prospect at the wrong time, and get routed to voicemail. 

If your prospect is away or fails to pick up your cold call, what should you do next? Do you simply give up and be convinced that cold calling sucks? Or do you leave a powerful voicemail like the professionals who intrigue their callers to want to call back?

Sure, you want them to respond. You want to spark their curiosity and entice them for a callback. Your voicemail should be so hard to resist that they’ll want to immediately call you back!

But the question is, how do you create a sales call voicemail script that works? 

If you need answers, don’t worry. Keep reading, and you’ll find the 6 best cold call voicemail scripts to get you that callback.


Tips for the best cold call voicemails

Statistics show that 80% of business calls go to voicemail. Whether this is above or below your numbers, there is nothing you can do to reduce the numbers. But, you can change the voicemail response rate, which averages at 4.8%.

There is no better time to master voicemails than now, so let’s check out these 5 powerful tips for leaving the best cold calling voicemail. These tips will ensure that you are always on the right path to ace your next voicemail messages and get a higher response rate.

Let’s dive right in!

Personalize your message

There is a difference between talking to a crowd of 700 people and talking to one person. It is obvious, right? Right.

But why do so many salespeople give their prospects the impression that they are listening to the same common and repetitive voicemail as 700 other prospects? 

The answer is because their voicemails are not personalized! So the prospect ditches the voicemail right at the beginning without listening another second.

Personalizing your voicemail could simply mean using your prospect’s first name and making it specifically about them. It’s obvious, but it’s also so easy to craft a one-for-all voicemail.

Keep it clear and straight to the point

Rambling in your voicemail shows that you have no agenda for calling. And if your prospect thinks so, they obviously wouldn’t waste their time calling you back. 

For the few seconds that the prospect listens to your voicemail, let them know exactly why you called.

You should also be conscious of how many seconds you’re speaking for and aim for less than 20 seconds. And if it really has to go beyond, don’t go over 30 seconds.

Articulate your words

Talking too fast and vaguely will make your prospect confused and unclear about what you’re calling for. Chances are, many will not replay your voicemail for the second time. 

When you record your voicemail, make sure that you articulate your words and don’t rush through your message.

Moreso, don’t be overenthusiastic with over-blowing claims, sharing huge offers, or wanting to look bigger than you are. This can make you seem overly desperate and will leave a bad impression.

But, you shouldn’t sound too overly relaxed either — this can make you sound unprofessional and risk ruining your company’s credibility. It might also seem insincere. 

Add a specific call-to-action

When you dial prospects’ numbers, the main reason you’re calling is to speak with them to ultimately sell your product or schedule a demo

However, when your call is not picked up and routed to voicemail, the action is not clear because you only have 30 seconds to leave a message. That said, clearly state your call to action — what do you want your prospect to do after listening to your voicemail?

Your call to action may be to request your prospect call you back, drop you an email, or send you a message via text. Don’t forget about it or skip this!

Instill a sense of urgency

If your prospect feels doesn’t feel the need to call you back today, then you’ve failed at creating a sense of urgency in your voicemail.

After all, if they don’t call you back immediately, the chances of them calling you back at all become extremely slim because they would have forgotten about you. 

To help your prospects follow up with your call, see how you can add a sense of urgency to your voicemails without being too pushy. Give them a genuine reason they have to call you back now or never. 

Just be careful not to go overboard and make it a life-and-death scenario. Also, don’t overstate your claims, or else it might backfire. 

6 cold call voicemail templates

Introducing the voicemail

There are many ways to introduce yourself in a voicemail. But there are 3 key things you should not miss out in your introduction that will make you a professional. These include:

  • A polite greeting 
  • The name of your prospect
  • Who you are

Greetings can be a simple hello or hi, followed by your prospect’s first name. For example, “Hi John” or “Hello Peter“. Depending on your industry, the prospect, and the type of product you’re selling, you can even choose to be more casual here by using ‘hey’.

The next thing you should do is to explain who you are and where you’re from without complicating it. 

Here’s a voicemail template for introductions:

cold call voicemail templates

Stating the purpose of your voicemail

This is the most important part of your cold call voicemail script. After introducing yourself, the next thing is to state why you called. 

While many salespeople opt to create mystery by just introducing themselves and leaving it at that, it may not always be effective.

If you believe your call is really important for them, then why not give a reason for your call? 

Do you want to talk about your new product release that could be important to them? Or were you calling to schedule a meeting? Or was it that you wanted to ask something important?

This is the most important part of your voicemail as it can determine whether you’ll get that callback or not.

Here are some examples you can use:

cold call voicemail templates

cold call voicemail templates

Concluding your voicemail

Remember, the most important thing you shouldn’t forget when concluding a voicemail is your call-to-action. What do you want your prospect to do after listening to your call? Do you want them to call you back?

To conclude your voicemail, simply affirm what you want your prospect to do next. You can also include your contact details, especially your phone number. 

So here’s how you can conclude your voicemail: 

cold call voicemail templates

cold call voicemail templates

Complete voicemail templates

Combining everything that we mentioned earlier, here are the full templates in action:

cold call voicemail templates

cold call voicemail templates

cold call voicemail templates


Knowing how to record voicemails that get the most callbacks isn’t rocket science. Tweaking small things in your voicemail script can lead to tremendous results.

However, to get the best results, emulate and follow through with how the professionals always do it.

If you want to make a successful sales call voicemails script, use the tips and the cold call voicemail templates that we have shared with you in this article and practice a lot.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone, if you start with these basics, you’ll soon see an improvement. Then keep on tweaking and testing your voicemail scripts for maximum success.

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