Cold Calling Memes To Give You A Good Laugh

Need a pick me up? Here are some cold calling memes that we’re pretty sure you can relate to and would give you a good laugh!
Faye Chong
Faye Chong

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If you’ve had a terrible day, need to calm your nerves before a cold call, or simply need a good laugh, we’ve got just the thing for you — memes!

And not just any memes, cold calling memes that we’re pretty sure you can relate to and would give you a good laugh. These sure made us laugh 🤣


1. Sad SDR

best cold calling memes

Many SDRs dread the cold call. We get you — the nature of cold calling just makes it a challenge and pain in the bum. 

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), cold calling still generates the most qualified leads for many businesses today. I mean, 57% of C-level prospects prefer to be contacted via phone. 🤷

2. Avoid it like the plague!

best cold calling memes

Source: Sales_humor

This definitely happens way more than we’d like it to. 🥲 Just say you’re not interested to save time for the both of us!

3. Cold calling with a script

best cold calling memes

No matter what anyone says, going into a call prepared with a script will definitely elevate your pitch and act as a safety net for when you stumble over your words.

That’s not to say you should follow your script like a robot. Use it as a guideline or checklist to make sure you cover all the important points in that short call!

4. How do I choose?

best cold calling memes

Gah! Which is better, cold calling or cold emailing

Well, they both have their pros and cons, and they’re both equally capable of increasing sales. We’d always recommend doing both to make the initial contact more professional and give your prospect the time to get acquainted with information.

5. Me holding me back

best cold calling memes

Don’t you just hate it when you have such good cold calling opportunities, but you end up just holding yourself back with all the anxiety and fear of cold calling… 😡

6. *Draws 25 cards*

best cold calling memes

This is for all the SDRs who absolutely dread cold calling but have to do it anyway. Thanks for holding out for the team. 🤘

7. Not so buff…

best cold calling memes

Mm-hmm, we know there are some of us out there who become ‘small’ the second that call connects… 

As part of a good cold calling practice, always try to sound confident even if you aren’t. If you don’t sound confident, your prospects can easily tell that you’re unsure.

Know your product inside and out and be prepared before the call! 

8. Off the ramp!

best cold calling memes

If you didn’t already know, the best times to cold call are between 10 am and 11 am in the morning, 2 pm and 4 pm in the afternoon,  and Tuesdays to Thursdays. 

Calling on Mondays and Fridays is a big no-no. 

9. Try to change my mind

best cold calling memes

I mean, this meme says it all. 

Cold calling is still a very effective outbound lead generation method. Don’t listen to the haters!

10. This wasn’t planned…

best cold calling memes

Everything was well thought out. You know everything about your prospect inside and out. You have a surefire script that’s so enthusiastic, your prospect’s going to have a hard time saying no.

But… Your prospect doesn’t pick up. 

While this can certainly be discouraging and kill the mood for your upcoming calls, it’s important not to take it to heart! Simply ring again, and if there’s no answer, just schedule a follow-up call sometime later in the day or week. 

11. I am once again asking…

best cold calling memes

It’s inevitable that sales reps come across rude people when they make cold calls — especially since cold calling catches your prospects off guard and interrupts their day.

But this doesn’t mean you should be at the receiving end of rude remarks.

12. I am petrified

best cold calling memes

Dialing through long lists of numbers is such a dread… Manual dialing of phone numbers only wastes time and decreases your productivity.

That’s why using an autodialer is going to save your life (and time). These tools help you automatically dial through all your prospects’ numbers so that you don’t even have to lift a finger. 

We love technological advancements!

13. Still waiting

best cold calling memes

Sometimes, it’s good to know when to hang up. You can’t be waiting for that prospect to answer the phone forever! 

14. Me to myself: Stop yelling!

best cold calling memes

Cold calling definitely takes practice, even for the seasoned SDRs. If you’re an introvert and are naturally softspoken, cold calling can be even more daunting for you. 

Get a peer to practice with you by reciting your pitch to them, or you could talk to yourself while looking at a mirror. 

15. This sure is hard to swallow

best cold calling memes

Yup, we said it. Cold calling is not a numbers game — it’s more of a quality-over-quantity type of situation. 

In fact, statistics show that sales reps make an average of 45 cold calls per day, but the number of daily quality conversations is 5.1 calls.

16. The scroll of truth

best cold calling memes

Yup, you hear it left, right, and center! Sales reps always say that cold calling sucks and claim that it’s ineffective. Don’t let their words put you down though.

According to statistics, cold calling is still extremely effective!

  • Businesses that don’t cold call experience 42% less growth than those that do.
  • 69% of prospects have accepted cold calls from businesses.
  • 49% of buyers prefer cold calls as the first point of contact.

So who’s laughing now? 😎

17. Panik

best cold calling memes

The opening line of every cold call is extremely important because it’s what sets the tone for the rest of the conversation. Oftentimes, it also determines whether the cold call will be a success or failure. 

Fortunately, we’ve come up with a bunch of cold call opening lines that actually work.

18. Just clowning through

best cold calling memes

To be honest, this would be the ideal situation for every SDR out there — the prospect wanting to buy on the initial call. 

But this is the real world, and your prospects aren’t that easy to convince. 😩 

19. A heated argument

best cold calling memes

Sometimes, people just don’t like hearing that they’re doing something wrongly and that others can help them solve the problem. It’s like they’re already aware that they should do something about it, yet aren’t. 🥲

When faced with such objections, it’s important not to be forceful or pushy. Instead, ask them to elaborate on their current business priorities and why they feel like this isn’t important to them at the moment.

20. I’ll come to you

best cold calling memes

Source: Sales_humor

Most SDRs can probably relate to this — when you’re so close to closing that deal, you don’t want anything jeopardizing that!

So, black or blue pen?

21. Thanks, but no thanks

best cold calling memes

Source: Sales_humor

SDRs all over the world are always trying to get on the good side of their prospects. After all, if a prospect likes you, they’re more receptive to your calls and sales pitch. 

22. Marry me

best cold calling memes

Source: Sales_humor

Thanks for accepting my request! Would you like to know more about how we…’ If this is you, you’re not alone.

I wonder if any prospects think we’re strange for camping out on their LinkedIn profile and waiting for them to accept our request..

Oh well, a SDR’s gotta do what a SDR’s gotta do. 💁

23. Information overload

Source: Sales_humor

As if making cold calls wasn’t already mentally draining, a sales rep has lots of other things to do — fill out your CRM, schedule follow-up calls, and many more.

Sometimes we just want to chill by the beach with a pina colada in hand. 🥱

24. Don’t listen to the voice in your head

best cold calling memes

We know, sometimes you’re tempted to call again because 3rd time’s a charm, right?

But think of it this way, if you’re in the prospect’s shoes, you wouldn’t want a random number persistently calling you. 

Give your prospects the benefit of the doubt — maybe they’re in a meeting, in the washroom, or picking up their late lunch.

25. You’re done!

best cold calling memes

Stop giving me false hopes — you’re done!

26. Imma head out

best cold calling memes

This happens one too many times — your prospects don’t even let you finish before cutting you off. Maybe you caught them at a bad time, or maybe they really hate cold calls. 🤔

27. Worse than a migraine

best cold calling memes

Is this a sales call’ is a typical question that many prospects ask during the call. It can be tricky to navigate, but the best thing to do is to be completely honest. 

Lying to get your way and buying time for you to pitch your product or service will only leave a bad first impression. It will also cause your prospect to lose respect for you and your company, and all other SDRs. 

28. Wanna trade?

best cold calling memes

Prospects: This doesn’t seem like a very good trade…

All jokes aside, of course they’re getting more than your eternal gratitude. Your product or service was designed to help them solve their problem, so it’ll definitely help solve their pain points! 

Cold calling memes to save the day

Whether you’ve made 2 calls, 50 calls, or 0 calls, taking a break and looking at memes will definitely give you a good laugh and regenerate your energy.

But now that you’ve gone through this list of 28 cold calling memes, maybe you should go and make up for it by making 28 cold calls… 

Just kidding! (or are we really?)

If you still need more motivation to get you to pick up the phone, check out some of our useful resources to upgrade your skills and give you that boost!

Faye Chong
Faye Chong

Faye is a content marketing lead at Novocall. When she’s not busy writing articles for Novocall’s blog, she spends her time baking and playing with her dogs.

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