How Does Call Tracking Impact Your Marketing Strategy?

Thinking of using call tracking but not sure how it impacts your marketing strategy? This article shares all you need to know about call tracking and how it helps your marketing strategy.
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According to Forbes Insights, most consumers research products and services thoroughly on the internet before deciding to purchase something. 

The same research also discovered that most consumers prefer to buy from businesses that offer hyper-personalized experiences. And if they’re planning to make a big purchase, 65% of them prefer to contact the business directly via phone call.

Unfortunately, you cannot measure the success of the phone calls received from potential customers (Or can you?).

We all know that it’s quite straightforward to measure the performance of online marketing strategies using tools such as Google Analytics.  

But what about the marketing campaigns that generate phone call leads? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have similar actionable insights to find out which marketing campaigns generated the highest phone call leads?

With call tracking, it’s possible to collect such information. 

In this article, we’ll talk about what call tracking means, how it works, its impact on marketing, and the benefits it has to offer for businesses. Let’s dive right in!


What is call tracking (and how does it work)?

While we won’t go too in-depth here, call tracking basically lets you monitor phone calls of a specific phone number that was used in the marketing campaigns of your website. 

With the best call tracking software, you can find out where these phone calls are coming from (i.e. which campaign is driving them to your business).

Simply put, a call tracking software assigns unique, trackable phone numbers (also known as DNI)to your advertising campaigns, landing pages, blog posts, and more.

This, in turn, gives you insights into how your phone-based leads came into your funnel.

You can even connect such trackable phone numbers with specific keywords you’re ranking on search engines and measure the performance of your SEO campaigns. Call tracking combined with SEO keywords helps you to learn where you’re getting the most traffic from. 

Without call tracking software, it’s impossible to find out the performance of your SEO campaigns and overall marketing efforts in which the call-to-action leads the prospects to make a phone call. 

In a nutshell, call tracking has a notable impact on the overall marketing efforts of businesses. 

That said, let’s take a deeper look at how exactly.

The impact of call tracking on marketing

Almost every business is trying to find a ‘special formula’ to achieve its goals and succeed. But, figuring out the right inputs, ideal outcomes, and how they tie together is a challenge that every business encounters. 

To overcome this challenge, it’s crucial to decide on the right marketing metrics related to the ROI of your business. 

According to research conducted by LinkedIn, only 37% of businesses consider themselves ‘confident’ in their chosen marketing ROI metrics. That means the majority of businesses have doubts about the ROI of their marketing efforts. 

Fortunately, call tracking software can help businesses select ROI metrics that they can have complete confidence in. Specifically, call tracking software can help to measure important ROI metrics such as Customer Acquisition Costs, Lead Scoring, and much more. 

And once you start tracking these important marketing ROI metrics using call tracking software, you’ll have total visibility over all your phone call leads generated from your marketing campaigns.

Different ways call tracking helps in marketing

Collect granular data

The most evident way to use call tracking is to monitor all incoming calls related to your marketing campaigns individually. 

Call tracking software lets you assign a unique identifier or virtual phone number that helps you collect granular data regarding your phone-based leads and streamline the whole data analysis process.

Increase marketing efficiency

Nowadays, businesses can integrate call tracking software into their other internal systems to enhance the efficiency of their marketing efforts. For example, integrating call tracking software with a digital asset management solution or CRM enables you to store all your call recordings neatly in a central location. 

For the uninitiated, DAM is software used to facilitate the management of digital assets. A digital asset is anything — but not limited to — documents, photos, videos, audio files (i.e. call recordings), PDFs, and more.

And a DAM can easily hold millions of such digital assets for your business. So when you integrate call tracking software with DAM, you can rest assured that every phone-based lead can be retrieved at any time to reassess the conversation. 

This, in turn, helps to store data more precisely and establishes a consistent synchronization with your internal systems, ensuring that all records are accurate at any given time.

Customize IVR menu

Call tracking software not only helps in identifying the right ROI metrics, but also customers’ preferences. And with that information, you can easily customize the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu and simplify the routing path for your customers. 

Remember, a filtered, simplified routing path helps to enhance the overall customer experience and the bottom line of your overall marketing efforts.

Track customer journey

Call tracking helps you to learn just as much about your customers who came to you via phone as search engine marketing (SEM) does. 

Because call tracking software assigns unique IDs to specific marketing campaigns (ads, blog posts, landing pages, etc.) it gives you the full picture of where a particular customer has come from, and what marketing campaigns are working well (or aren’t). 

This, in turn, helps you to track the entire customer journey from awareness to conversion, providing insights about where to refine or optimize the customer journey along the way.

Eliminate wasted ad spending

Call tracking helps to decide which marketing campaigns you should invest more in. By tracking calls, you can identify which marketing campaigns are generating the majority of phone call leads. 

This, in turn, helps you to figure out and eliminate the wasted ad spend on campaigns that are hardly driving any qualified leads via phone calls. 

Plus, this will give you more room to experiment and test creative marketing campaign ideas to find out the best ways to reach your target customers. 

Benefits of investing in call tracking

If you decide to invest in call tracking software, you’re simply laying the groundwork that has multiple benefits for your business. 

Let’s take a look at the top five business benefits of investing in call tracking.

Learn more about customers

When you invest in call tracking software, you can get a far better understanding of your customers from the first-party data collected. 

These insights usually include, but are not limited to:

  • Callers’ location
  • The time they call 
  • Their demographics 
  • Their key interests

This helps you learn more about customers and is also useful for building ideal customer personas. 

Furthermore, call tracking creates opportunities to enhance the current customer journey in your business. For example, call tracking analytics helps businesses trace the customer journey from the very beginning when they first contact, and all the way till they convert.

Higher quality leads

If you’re looking for ways to drive high-quality leads for your business, call tracking is undoubtedly an essential investment. It helps you identify and eliminate all spam or fraudulent leads by sending alert notifications whenever you receive a phone call from a spam number multiple times. 

Apart from this, filters are equally helpful in call tracking software. They let you restrict specific calls from reaching your call center agents if they have either been flagged as spam or do not meet your specifications. 

And if you’re worried about flagging quality leads as spam by mistake, you can always use the filter analyzer feature to check if you’re filtering out actual leads and need to unflag them.

Increase call volume

Call tracking software come with a variety of features that ultimately improve the bottom line of your business. But one feature that stands out in call tracking software is predictive analytics. 

As the name suggests, predictive analytics lets you foresee outcomes from your marketing campaigns. These predicted outcomes play a crucial role in formulating strategies that increase inbound call volume from prospects.

Gain in-depth campaign insights

Reporting is an essential feature of any call tracking software. It not only reveals factual reports about your campaigns but also helps in making more informed decisions regarding your website traffic. 

An ideal reporting tool usually highlights specific call details including important metrics such as duration of calls, demographics information, etc. 

All these data are immensely useful for assessing the performance of your marketing efforts and making data-driven decisions moving forward.

Make precise adjustments that accelerate ROI

Call tracking software generates different types of in-depth reports that can help businesses make targeted changes across their marketing campaigns for achieving better ROI. 

For example, you can analyze your filter settings to ensure that you’re not filtering out any quality lead calls. 

Furthermore, you can even create a comparison report that shows important data side-by-side from different time periods to see if there are any common trends or issues that need to be addressed.

What’s next?

Call tracking is an incredibly powerful approach for businesses to take their marketing game to the next level. It unlocks a wealth of invaluable insights about your customers and phone call leads that help to learn the outcome of your marketing efforts. 

By implementing call tracking, businesses can optimize digital marketing tactics, paid advertising campaigns, and social media campaigns that result in increased conversions and satisfied customers.

If you would like to find out more about how Novocall’s call tracking feature can help your business, get started with us today!

Picture of Tim Ferguson
Tim Ferguson

Tim is a writer and editor of Marketing Digest. When he is not writing and editing for Marketing Digest, he spends time learning more about content marketing and getting better at it.

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