Which Aircall Pricing Plan Is The Best For You?

Are you planning to use Aircall? We dive deeper into their pricing plans, features, and which plan is the most ideal for your business.
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In your search for a business phone system to help you communicate more effectively with your customers, you would have come across Aircall

Aircall is a cloud-based phone system that provides flexible voice communication solutions for modern businesses to improve their customer service and engagement. 

But before deciding to invest in the software right away, you have to decide which plan you’re most suited for. However, it’s much easier said than done! 

That’s why in this article, we’re taking a deep dive into Aircall’s pricing plans to help you decide which is the best for your business.


💡 P.S: We’ve done an analysis of Aircall’s alternatives, check it out to see what your other options are!

Aircall’s pricing at a glance

Here’s an overview of Aircall’s plans, pricing, and features:

Aircall's pricing plans at a glance

Aircall’s features

Now that you’re familiar with their plans and features, let’s go through each feature in detail and what it may mean to you. We have outlined 13 key features across their plans.

Shared call inbox

💡 Available in all plans

With a shared inbox, this facilitates team collaboration and houses all communication activity across the team. Create teamwide to-do lists, archive tasks as they are completed, and keep track of all calls and conversations.

APIs and Integrations

💡 Available in all plans

Having multiple integration options is always a plus point so that businesses can easily work with all their existing tools. This helps to automate sales processes and reduce your reps’ workload. 

That said, Aircall integrates with several software from customer relationship management (CRM) software and transcription, to HR and e-commerce. 

Here are some software Aircall integrates with:

  • amoCRM
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Chorus.ai
  • Freshdesk
  • Front
  • Gorgias
  • HubSpot
  • Integrately
  • Shopify

Do take note that while integrations are available for all plans, Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Sales Cloud can only be accessed by Professional and Custom plan users. Custom plan users also get access to API developer support.

Call recording

💡 Available in all plans

Call recording features are the most important for any phone system to keep track and monitor all calls. Aircall’s call recording feature activates every time you pick up or make a phone call at no extra cost. 

You can easily change the call recording settings to match your preference, or you can reverse it easily. 

This feature helps you access accurate call recordings to review customer interactions and improve performance points that your team may have missed during the call.

Call routing

💡 Available in all plans

Aircall has advanced routing features to help your business map out effective call cascades to the right sales agents to ensure satisfying conversations with customers.

Call routing rules may be pre-defined or customized. Aircall allows custom route rules that align with set variables like availability, agent fit protocols, or any other relevant consideration. 

This feature can improve your customer’s calling experiences, as the calls will receive little friction on call transfers.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

💡 Available in all plans

IVR helps first-time callers to get direct access to the right team at a single try. You can set up your Aircall IVR directory that will automatically classify callers through an IVR menu that routes a call to different departments in your office.

There are a lot of customization options that Aircall’s IVR will allow you to tweak. You can customize multi-level IVR to further classify the callers within the IVR menu routes that they’ve chosen. 

This feature will help your prospects and customers get to the correct department without too many hassles; thus saving the time and energy you could have used to do it manually.

SMS business text messaging

💡 Available in all plans

One-on-one messaging is becoming more and more effective as it allows customers and prospects to reach out to you at their own convenience and comfort. 

As many customers enjoy the freedom of text messaging, many businesses are capitalizing on the idea of using it for scheduling, marketing, customer support, and many more.

If you want to add another option to customer communications, consider using the text messaging feature from Aircall to connect more personally and reliably. 

Unfortunately, you can’t send or receive messages internationally with Aircall’s messaging feature. It is only available in the US, Canada, the UK, France, and Australia.

Call center analytics

💡 Differs for each plan

Call center analytics gives you instant access to call center metrics such as the number of inbound and outbound calls, missed call rates, and duration of calls. 

There are 3 main sections to the call center analytics: Activity, Customer Service, and Productivity.

Under the Activity analytics section, you can view:

  • The number of inbound and outbound call data
  • The total time spent on inbound and outbound calls

Under the Customer Service analytics section, you can view:

  • The percent of missed calls out of total inbound calls received
  • The percent of voicemails left by callers
  • The average waiting time for your callers before they’re connected to a user
  • The average treatment time 

Under the Productivity analytics section, you can view:

  • The average duration of inbound and outbound calls
  • The average number of calls per user 

Users under the Essentials plan only have access to basic analytics. Professional plan users have basic reporting capabilities, live feed, advanced analytics, and unlimited analytics history. The Custom plan has all of that plus custom analytics. 

Power dialer

💡 Available in Professional and Custom plans

This feature saves you countless hours your team could spend manually dialing numbers. 

Through single-click dialing, this feature saves you time dialing your outbound call campaigns and allows you to work more efficiently to ramp up your productivity. You can use the extra time on hand to focus on more important activities, like sales prospecting or solving customer issues.

Call monitoring

💡 Available in Professional and Custom plans

Aircall’s Professional and Custom plans offer a live call monitoring feature to help you analyze your employee’s call performance to improve future calls.

You can use live call monitoring for training with mock calls and predetermined role plays with your actual call scripts.

This feature also ensures high compliance with scripts and requirements that improve your call quality performance, which leads to higher customer satisfaction rates.

Call whispering

💡 Available in Professional and Custom plans

The call whisper feature allows reps to train agents by listening in on live calls and offering advice during the call. This is to maintain a consistent level of customer service and ensures good agent performance. 

Call tags and dispositioning

💡 Available in Professional and Custom plans

Tagging calls is a better way to organize your business call history. Call tags provide insightful metadata into the call’s details for easy references and analysis.

Another important feature for call tag features is the system’s ability to synchronize your tags across multiple apps that you’ve integrated with Aircall. This sync ensures consistent reporting, higher reliability, and confident analysis within other platforms. 

Call tags and call dispositioning both allow you to structure and contextualize your calls for smooth follow-ups and call tracking.

Queue callback

💡 Available in Professional and Custom plans

Queue callback is a feature that’s available only for Professional and Custom plan users. It is an advanced feature that gives callers the ability to opt-out of a call queue and wait for you to call them back.

This is powerful because a long lead response time can significantly reduce your customer satisfaction rate, which can affect your overall business health. 

With this feature, you can also reduce the number of calls abandoned, as callers don’t have all day to wait around for someone to attend to them. 

Service-level agreement (SLA)

💡 Available in Custom plan only

Having an SLA for your business is a top guarantee for the availability, quality, and responsibilities of your service provider. With Aircall’s Custom plan, you get access to an SLA commitment. If you need consistent and predictable quality assurance for your phone system services, consider choosing Aircall’s Custom plan for your business

An in-depth look at Aircall’s pricing plans

Essentials plan

Aircall's pricing plan

The Essentials plan includes everything you need to get started with voice solutions for your business. You can get access to unlimited inbound calls but excluding toll-free numbers.

You also get other basic features like call recording, voicemails, click-to-call, phone support, IVR, and text messaging options.

However, you are limited to only 3 teams and no queue callback, advanced analytics, and power dialer features that are necessary for better business communications. 

Who should use this plan: While we don’t recommend this plan, if you still choose to go with it, the Essential plan would be great if you just want the necessities of a call center.

Professional plan

Aircall's pricing plan

From the Essential plan to the Professional plan, there are quite a few additional features are available without a drastic increase in price. 

Think Salesforce integration, live call monitoring, and call whispering — which is a neat feature to have. You also get access to advanced analytics and an unlimited analytics history, which gives you more insight into your calls. 

Furthermore, Professional plan users have a dedicated account manager and one-to-one onboarding sessions to ensure a smooth onboarding and support process. 

Who should use this plan: The Professional plan is more than enough for fast-growing businesses. With many advanced features plus dedicated support at an affordable price point, there isn’t much to complain about. 

Custom plan

Aircall's pricing plan

Naturally, a customized plan would be the most expensive. But it’ll also give you more advanced features that fits your business like a glove and support your call-focused activities.

Aside from custom analytics, you get to enjoy a VIP hotline, SLA, and gain access to API developer support. These features are great for running a larger business where even the little details matter a lot.

On top of that, Custom plan users are able to make unlimited outbound calls worldwide, which is extremely useful for businesses with international customers (or are planning to expand internationally). 

Who should use this plan: Large businesses with bigger support teams, a high volume of daily inbound customer support questions, or an international customer base should consider the Custom plan. You have access to more advanced and customized features to streamline your customer support and take it to the next level.

However, do be mindful of the price as it can accumulate depending on what your customizations an requests are. 

Aircall pricing plan FAQs

Now that we’ve gone through each of Aircall’s pricing plans, let’s answer the frequently asked questions you may have regarding their plans and features. 

How do I make a call on Aircall?

You can make calls on Aircall via their click-to-dial and power dialer features. These features allow you to connect with customers faster by identifying phone numbers on a webpage and adding them to your Aircall phone or to an automated calling queue.  

Can you make a conference call on Aircall?

Yes, Aircall has a conference call feature that allows you to instantly add an additional caller to your inbound or outbound call. Do note that you can only have a maximum of five participants in a conference call.

How is the text messaging feature priced in Aircall?

Text messaging is available for all plans for every user at no extra cost on outbound messages not exceeding 4,000. This pricing is only valid for US and Canada numbers. For other regions, charges vary for each outbound text.

What is the IVR feature?

An IVR is an automated telephony menu where your clients can interact via keypad or through voice commands during the call. It is an advanced feature that is available across all pricing plans. You can customize the routing options, nest more routing options, or pre-record as many voice commands as you need at no extra cost.

Can I use Aircall numbers for bulk messaging?

Yes, but only through 3rd party providers.

Aircall’s native text messaging feature is designed for direct one-to-one conversations and hence does not support bulk messaging. So as a workaround, Aircall offers third-party integrations with several providers including Heymarket, Salesmsg, and Textline that allow you to use Aircall numbers for bulk messaging. 

Can I send a text message internationally?

No, Aircall’s SMS service is only available domestically, with the exception of US and Canada. If you have a UK number, you can only send or receive messages from another UK number. Currently, Puerto Rico is not included in domestic messaging.

Are there any analytics for SMS?

No, there are no analytics capabilities for SMS.

Can my entire team use Aircall?

Yes, but you would have to pay more for your entire team to use the platform. Aircall’s pricing model runs on ‘per user per month’, so every rep that you decide to onboard means you’ll pay more for the plan. 

Because Aircall follows this pricing model, it can accumulate and become quite expensive if you decide to onboard your whole team. If you’re thinking of using the Professional plan and have 5 reps, your total would amount to $50 X 5 = $250 per month (or $3,000 annually).

Do take note that there is also a minimum number of 3 users for the Essentials and Professional plan each.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can create within a team?

There is no minimum number of users within a single team. Your team can be composed of one person or include your entire department. However, do note that Essential plan users can only have a maximum of 3 teams.

Is it cheaper if I subscribe for the long term?

No. As Aircall offers plans that are only billed annually, there is no difference in initial costs.

What kind of support does Aircall provide?

The type of support varies depending on which plan you go for. All plans have access to the help center, email, phone, and live group onboarding sessions. On top of this, Professional plan users get a dedicated account manager and one-to-one onboarding sessions. Custom plan users get all of that plus a VIP hotline and SLA.

Is there a better alternative?

And there you have it — Aircall’s comprehensive breakdown of pricing plans and features. But did you find a better choice? 

We sincerely hope that this article helped you to take a stand on the best plan that suits your needs. 

However, even though you considered Aircall to be the most robust solution for your business, it may not exactly fall within your budget and needs. 

So if you need a better alternative to Aircall, then we got you covered. After all, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for phone systems. So why not try Novocall?

Novocall is a business phone system that supports call-driven lead generation activities. With several features such as a click-to-call widget, an autodialer, and call tracking, Novocall makes an excellent alternative to Aircall. 

Get started with us today and enjoy our 7-day free trial to see what Novocall can do for your business!

Benard Kiplangat
Benard Kiplangat

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