Which PhoneBurner Pricing Plan Is The Best For You?

Are you planning to use PhoneBurner? We dive deeper into their pricing plans, features, and which plan is the most suitable for your business.
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In your search for an autodialer software that provides excellent customer service, you might have come across PhoneBurner.

PhoneBurner is a sales acceleration and power dialer tool for sales teams of all sizes. Its cloud-based software helps sales agents improve quality calls and live engagements.

However, selecting the right software is one thing; determining which plan to use is a whole other story. Which plan and features work best for you? Which is the most cost-effective?

That is why we’ve gone above and beyond to thoroughly investigate PhoneBurner’s pricing plans and explain why they might (or might not) be appropriate for your company. Let’s get started!


💡 P.S: We’ve done an analysis of PhoneBurner’s competitors, check it out to see what your other options are!

Phoneburner’s pricing at a glance

Here’s a quick rundown of PhoneBurner’s plans, pricing, and features.

PhoneBurner's pricing plans at a glance

Phoneburner’s features

Now that you’re somewhat familiar with PhoneBurner’s pricing plans and the features, let’s go through each feature in detail and what these features mean for you. There are a total of 12 main features across their plans.

Direct dial

💡 Available in all plans

A direct-dial number is a phone number that connects you directly to the person you’re seeking to reach without going through an operator or receptionist.

Unlimited power dialing

💡 Available in all plans

With its power dialer, PhoneBurner automates your cold calling efforts by dialing a phone number immediately after the previous call concludes. 

By eliminating the need to manually dial a large number of numbers, a power dialer cuts down on the time it takes to contact all your prospects on your list. This application boosts your outbound calling campaigns by dialing up to 80 contacts per hour.

Call transfer

💡 Available in all plans

Simply put, call transfer is a telecommunications feature that allows you to transfer a live call from the original recipient (typically you) to someone else. When a call is routed to the incorrect person or team, the easiest solution is to transfer the call.

Workflow automation

💡 Available in all plans

PhoneBurner automates several tasks to improve the efficiency and productivity of your sales team. Eliminating manual dialing, automating post-call processes, maintaining performance records, and automatic distribution of leads to sales reps are all available with PhoneBurner.

Call recording storage

💡 Differs for each plan

PhoneBurner not only records your cold calls but also stores them. Although call recording storage is available in all the plans, the storage period differs.

The Standard plan allows call storage for 30 days, the Professional plan for 90 days, and the Premium plan for an unlimited amount of time.

Local ID

💡 Available in all plans

Local ID instantly and dynamically displays a local telephone number to match your prospect’s location. Do note that PhoneBurner has a separate add-on for this feature that is available to purchase across all plans.


💡 Available in all plans

Having many integration options is always a plus for almost all sales outreach software because firms may use their existing resources. It makes it much easier for them to use your software since they can connect with their existing stack without having to adjust their processes to accommodate yours. 

PhoneBurner offers a variety of integration possibilities, including CRM, marketing software, and SMS apps:


💡 Available in Professional and Premium plans

PhoneBurner gives you access to a softphone — a piece of software that allows users to make phone calls over the internet using their computer or smartphone. It includes all the characteristics of a desk phone and often enhances the variety of services you can access on a desk phone.

Smart lead distribution

💡 Available in Premium plan only

PhoneBurner’s inbound lead distribution platform, LeadStream, offers administrators complete control over their most valuable asset, and it allows agents immediate access to the leads they require.

LeadStream distributes leads to the appropriate agents based on highly adjustable delivery criteria.

Text messaging

💡 Available in Premium plan only

Texting and dialing go hand in hand with PhoneBurner. You can save time by configuring disposition buttons to send tailored 1-click SMSes based on the conclusion of a call. It also saves each prospect’s contact history, which can be viewed instantly. When you receive a message, PhoneBurner sends you an email notification.

PhoneBurner’s premium plan includes 1000 messages per month and charges it an additional $15 per 1,000 outbound SMS if the monthly limit is reached. 

Inbound call insights

💡 Available in Premium plan only

With Phoneburner’s browser extension, you can see incoming calls, be instantly notified of these calls, and pull up their PhoneBurner contact record in a click. 

You can easily accept the call via their softphone or follow-up at your own convenience. A list of recent inbound calls will be displayed to help you keep track of engaged leads, and a dedicated voicemail inbox and call forwarding helps manage communications.

Call forwarding

💡 Available in Premium plan only

PhoneBurner’s call forwarding feature allows you to answer incoming calls from your browser and forward them to another number like a landline or mobile number.

An in-depth look at Phoneburner’s pricing plans

Standard plan

PhoneBurner's pricing plan

You get unlimited phone dialing time, the ability to leave instant voicemails, and track calls and emails with the Standard package. Your calls will be recorded and stored on PhoneBurner’s servers for 30 days. 

Users on the standard subscription can also set up workflow automation, which can significantly minimize your reps’ workload. However, for smaller businesses, you probably won’t get a lot of inquiries. Despite this, it’s still a nice feature to have.

You won’t be able to use the remote calling feature because you won’t get a softphone. Click-to-call, inbound call insights, and call forwarding are also the limitations of this plan. Lastly, the contact import limit for the standard plan is merely 10,000 per month.

Who should use this plan: Start-ups, small businesses, and those with small teams can opt for the Standard plan. With its basic features, it should be more than enough to handle your sales demands. However, do take note that it can be a strain on your wallet especially if you’re just starting out because it costs $149 per user per month.

Professional plan

PhoneBurner's pricing plan

This plan unlocks some important features with a slight increase in the price. Although PhoneBurner’s Professional plan provides the best value, most businesses should be fine with the Standard plan.

The Professional plan includes the option to connect with a Softphone, additional call recording storage, branded email templates, and live call listening.

However, the contact import limit is 20,000 per month, which might be insufficient for growing businesses. The call recordings are only stored for 90 days and this plan lacks most of the inbound features.

Who should use this plan: Small to medium-sized businesses that focus on outbound lead generation can use this plan. With more advanced features to support your reps, this plan gives you pretty much all that you need from an autodialer software.

Premium plan

The most expensive package, of course, will provide you with all of the advanced capabilities for your sales outreach requirements.

The PhoneBurner Premium package is only required if you anticipate a large number of inbound calls and need a dedicated phone number along with enhanced analytics reporting.

The contact import limit for this plan is 50,000 per month, which is a big jump from the Professional plan. 

Who should use this plan: Large businesses with a high influx of inbound calls and a heavy focus on outbound sales outreach can use the Premium plan. Gaining access to such advanced features will surely take your outreach to the next level.

Phoneburner pricing plan FAQs

Now that we’ve gone through each of PhoneBurner’s pricing plans, let’s answer some burning questions you may have with regards to their plans.

What kind of equipment is required?

None. PhoneBurner is a cloud-based application. From anywhere with an internet connection, you may access this program and your contacts. Calls can be made using any phone or PhoneBurner’s VOIP smartphone.

Is it possible to integrate with my CRM?

Yes, PhoneBurner can integrate with practically any CRM thanks to its open API. It allows integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier, and other services.

How do I manage a group of people?

Each agent has their own account, which is handled through a single admin site. To get agents up and running, the admin can add, remove, and manage seats, configure rights, distribute leads, conduct reports, and push information and settings.

Can I have more than one admin on my team?

Yes, but due to the added complexity, there is an administration fee of $250 for each sub-admin set up added to your team. Sub-admins are billed individually for their account, if dialing, and all users under them.

Sub-admins also have limited access to account settings or folders, and though they may see shared folders. 

Does PhoneBurner keep track of my contacts?

Yes. To assist agents in managing contacts along the pipeline, PhoneBurner includes an elegant and straightforward CRM. Maintain detailed contact records, including call and activity history, document management, notes, and tags, among other things.

Are there any usage charges?

There are no per-minute charges, no setup fees, and no usage fees.

Does PhoneBurner have an app?

No, a PhoneBurner mobile app for Apple or Android is not currently available. While it is possible to access and use PhoneBurner from your phone, it is not recommended due to the richness of features and information available within our platform.

Does PhoneBurner have a free plan?

Unfortunately, PhoneBurner does not offer a free plan. Their cheapest plan, the Standard plan, costs $149 per user per month. However, they do provide a 14-day free trial that allows you to test out the product to see if it fits your business needs. 

Is it cheaper if I subscribe for long term?

Yes, you can get a 15% discount when you pay annually. Here’s a table showing the difference in pricing and how much you can save per year:

PhoneBurner's pricing plan comparison

What kind of support does PhoneBurner provide?

On top of videos, webinars, and written tutorials, PhoneBurner offers live, one-on-one support. 

Users on the Premium plan get priority phone support and access to customized sales training. 

What’s next?

And there you have it! A detailed look at PhoneBurner’s pricing plans and features. We hope that this information has assisted you in determining which plan is appropriate for your company’s needs.

Despite its extensive features, this software may not be budget-friendly or suit your business requirements. After all, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.

If you’re looking for a PhoneBurner alternative, why not consider Novocall

Novocall is a business phone system that supports call-driven lead generation activities. With several features such as click-to-call, an autodialer, and call tracking, Novocall makes a great alternative to PhoneBurner. 

Novocall also has a 7-day free trial, so go ahead and take this opportunity to test out the software!

Saqlain Mushtaq
Saqlain Mushtaq

Saqlain is a content writer at Novocall.

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